What is Peppol e-Invoicing and What does it Mean For Me?


WilldooIT is excited to announce the first Odoo module to implement the new Peppol invoice automation standards for Australian and New Zealand customers. 

Why is this important? 

e-invoicing simply means the ability to exchange invoices seamlessly and electronically between different computer systems. Unlike attaching a PDF version of an invoice to an email, or posting it, e-invoices are sent securely from the supplier to the customer with the click of a button. It saves time at both ends but more importantly, it eliminates data entry errors at the customer end and thus can reduce the time-to-pay for the supplier. 

As many small suppliers know, e-invoicing has been used by large companies (e.g. Coles-Myer, Bunnings, etc) for many years under the name of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Last year, the Australian Government announced they had committed $3.6 million towards mandating the adoption of electronic invoicing by 1 July, 2022 for all Australian Government agencies, whether they be at the Federal, State or Local level. Peppol (Pan European Public Procurement On-Line) is a framework that enables organisations to electronically exchange standards-based documents such as invoices.  

“$3.6 million towards mandating the adoption of electronic invoicing by 1 July 2022 for all Commonwealth Government agencies to encourage greater adoption amongst businesses supplying to Government and within their supply chains, and to consult on options for mandatory adoption of e-invoicing by businesses” (source)

What is Peppol?

Peppol was first developed in 2008 by a consortium of European countries as a way to simplify and standardise procurement to significantly reduce margins for error and procurement time-frames. Peppol has now been adopted by more than 37 countries, including Australia, NZ, Singapore, Canada, USA and much of Europe.

The Peppol standard is financially backed by both the Australian and New Zealand Governments. Australian Government departments at all levels will be able to trade with their suppliers via Peppol e-invoicing with the promise of paying suppliers in 5 business days, not the current 30+. The Commonwealth has mandated e-invoicing for all agencies by 1 July 2022, with over 80% of invoices being able to be received electronically by 1 July 2021.

e-invoicing can cut the cost of sending paper invoices by 300%,  pdf invoices by 100% and vastly improve time-to-pay.

How Peppol e-Invoicing works

WilldooIT is in a unique position to offer this as a fully integrated solution to their Odoo customers because of our intimate relationship with Pacific Commerce - our sister company in the PNORS group. Pacific Commerce has been offering EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services for over 30 years and currently hosts some of the largest data exchanges in Australia. They are one of the first Australian companies to be certified as Peppol "access points" and is a Peppol Government Panel Partner, providing Peppol e-invoicing solutions to suppliers and all Australian Government levels.

WilldooIT has been working closely with Pacific Commerce to create a seamless Odoo-Peppol experience. After a short setup step, sending an invoice to a customer will be as simple as clicking on a button!

You can see our Odoo Peppol module on the Odoo app store here. There is more information about Peppol on Pacific Commerce's website here.

If you have any questions about Peppol or our integration with Odoo please do not hesitate to contact us.

PS: If you are still receiving 100’s of invoices by email or post and can’t wait for your suppliers to catch up, we have you covered there also.  WilldooIT, in conjunction with our sister companies, Datatime and Pacific Commerce, can convert these to their electronic equivalents and seamlessly import them into Odoo saving you enormous amounts of time and improving accuracy.

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