5 Telltale Signs you Need New Sales Software


Choosing and implementing a Customer Relationship Management solution is an important decision as well as a significant investment in the future of your business. 

CRM Software was originally designed to help businesses build and maintain relationships with new and existing customers. Today, however, CRM Software has evolved from a simple customer database into a robust tool that lets you manage the most important aspects of your business processes.

From a growth standpoint, your sales software is used to nurture leads through the sales pipeline to happy customers. Furthermore, it is also used to maintain customer loyalty by storing key information to boost sales by personalising the experience and providing excellent customer support. 

Now, ask yourself, does your sales software make it easier to manage your relationships? If not, it is time to re-evaluate and see what’s on the market!

Here are 5 signs you need new sales software

1 - Your CRM is not integrated with your other systems

People using Sales Software Your system should give you and your sales teams all the tools necessary to grow your business in a central hub with minimal maintenance and the ability to integrate with your other sales software.

Your system should be able to access data from all areas of your business without any additional work.

Seamless integration allows you to transfer lead information between marketing, sales and management, ensuring you present the right messages at the right time to move them along the funnel. Better alignment between marketing and sales will improve the effectiveness of campaigns and provide a stronger return on your sales system and marketing investments.

The right CRM Software should be capable to integrate your entire sales process including, online sales (e-Commerce), customer relationships (CRM) and Point of Sale transactions to convert opportunities into quotes with minimal manual effort required. 

2 - Your system is unable to schedule your meetings and phone calls

Like any modern business, your Sales, Marketing, and Support teams are constantly juggling multiple tasks to ensure smooth customer experience. If your current system isn't making their lives more productive, it's time to move. Good sales software needs to be highly focused on fast and easy scheduling to ensure there are no overlaps and your customers are satisfied. 

Your system should have the ability to schedule calls at the drop of the hat and schedule meetings. Furthermore, a good CRM will be able to categorise and analyse the calls and meetings and manage them.

3 - Your sales software has a problem managing your customer relationships

CRM Software

This is a big red flag. Your sales software is literally a system designed to help you manage your customer relationships. Ask yourself, am I spending more time manually updating my system, than speaking to my potential customers?

If you answered yes, you need to evaluate your current system and analyse whether it covers all your requirements for better management of your customer relationship.

4 - Your CRM doesn't allow invoicing and financial reporting

Customer Relationship Management

Advanced customer relationship management systems accept online payments via online secure protocols enhancing your relationships with easy payment options. To stay on top of your accounts receivable, automated follow-ups should be simple to configure and help to streamline billing to make your customer payments a quick and easy process. 

Therefore, if your CRM software doesn’t have the capability of sending invoices by email automatically generate secure links to authorise payments, then your productivity is taking a step backwards. The sales process should quick and painless to enhance your customer relationships ensuring that they are returning. If your CRM doesn't speak to your accounting software, you should look for a new CRM.

5 - 
Your system is not user-friendly and accessible on the go

Mobile CRM solution

Your sales department have KPI’s to meet. They will never meet them if they spend more time navigating their way through poorly designed systems or taking notes to be translated when they are back in the office. 

If this is the case, simple older legacy CRM systems are not adequate for today’s rapidly changing business needs. Small, medium and even large enterprises can save money and improve operations by taking advantage of the cloud-based solutions that are easy to use and are accessible through web browsers.

If you haven’t moved your CRM Software yet, it is time to save money and improve operations by taking advantage of the cloud hosting! New automatic data entry technologies can help your salespersons spend more time selling, while management can enjoy having the complete and updated numbers in real time. 


When a CRM works well, your efficiency skyrockets and your revenue increases. As an organisation, if your CRM software is prohibiting you from connecting with your customers, generating new leads or cultivating relationships with potential leads, it’s time to walk away.