Don’t Let the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic Affect Your Business


Coronavirus is certainly beginning to take its toll in the business world with information and restrictions being broadcast almost hourly and the fear being generated is giving Australian businesses a reason to be concerned about the coming months. We want to work with businesses to provide a silver lining to the grey clouds that seem to be gathering.

Let’s face it, business will slow down over the next 3-6 months and now could be the perfect time to prepare for the inevitable return to business as normal by attending to all those tasks you have been putting off because of lack of time. 

So, let’s turn this negative impact on the Australian economy into something positive. 

If you have been wanting to either upgrade your sales, CRM, inventory and finance systems to improve efficiency and automate those manual processes which your business is over-reliant on, then now is the time. 

WilldooIT wants to make implementing or upgrading to Odoo as easy and affordable as possible. If you are considering either implementing a new accounting system for a start-up business with big plans or a growing business that has out-lived its entry-level accounting and stock systems that are now holding it back, Odoo is the perfect solution for this and WilldooIT is your perfect Odoo partner to make it happen. 

A fixed all-inclusive price to implement Odoo right now

WilldooIT is offering a fixed all-inclusive price to implement standard Odoo. We are introducing a 3-6 month implementation plan with easy payments over an 18 month period.

This includes an analysis of your requirements, support in data migration, training in all functions and including the 8-16 hours of formal finance training WilldooIT have found essential for successful implementations. We also include all our Australian-specific modules and experience to make your Odoo implementation a stand-out.

We believe this is an exciting offering and will give all Australian small businesses the ability to implement a truly integrated ERP system with all its benefits at an affordable price.  

Why Odoo?

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Odoo offers a fully integrated solution from your company’s web and eCommerce site though CRM, Sales, powerful Inventory Management and system and last, but definitely not least, a full-featured finance and accounting system. Businesses do not outgrow Odoo, Odoo grows and extends as the business does. Cloud-based and mobile-friendly it ticks all the right boxes for the modern company.

One of Odoo’s most distinguishable points of difference is accessibility. Unlike many legacy accounting / ERP solutions, Odoo can be accessed from any device and from anywhere in the world. With an almost certain lockdown soon to be enforced, now is the best time to enable your staff to work remotely with a flexible product that does not require any additional software to be maintained on your devices. 

Why WilldooIT

WilldooIT is Australia’s premier Odoo partner - we were the first Odoo partners in Australia back in 2008 and prior to that, we had written our own ERP system. We have supplied several modules that are now part of the standard Odoo enterprise system. We know Odoo inside and out. What’s more, we have many modules we have found are critical for Australian accounting and we offer these to all our customers.

If you would like to know more please contact Jonathan Wilson at WilldooIT,

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Jonathan Wilson – Chief Sales and Innovation Executive, WilldooIT

If you are a CFO, MD or CEO of an innovative and forward-thinking organisation seeking a simpler and more effective method of tracking your business performance via integrated ERP and eCommerce software solutions, perhaps I can help.

With over 40 years of verifiable success in the IT industry, including roles as Director of Sales – Odoo and Chief Sales and Innovation Executive at WilldooIT, Managing Director of WillowIT and CTO at Nexus Business Software, I understand the importance of an integrated ERP and eCommerce solution that has the potential to meet the functional processes and financial requirements across all the departments of your organisation.

My skills include partnering with senior leaders of a business to determine business needs, risks and functionality and aligning solutions in support of strategic and tactical objectives to satisfy cost-effective business requirements and deliverables.