Introducing Odoo's New Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) App


Odoo has a very comprehensive comparison of Odoo versus SAP Business One on their website which now requires an important update. If you read carefully you will see that about the only feature SAP Business One has that Odoo does not is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which is vital for transacting business with the major retailers in Australia like Bunnings, Coles Myer, and an increasing number of hospitals and smaller customers.

This is not the case anymore. Odoo now has one of the best EDI integrations of any ERP system on the market. WilldooIT, in conjunction with our sister company Pacific Commerce, has created a beautiful solution that gives both customers and suppliers an absolutely seamless EDI trading experience. 

How does Odoo's Electronic Data Interchange integration work? 

For customers:

  • Sending an order via EDI is a simple matter of selecting an option and the orders are automatically sent and then validated upon receipt of PO acknowledgement from the supplier. The Advanced Shipping Notice, ASN, (another feature that is now no longer missing from Odoo), and supplier invoice are likewise seamlessly received and automatically appear as supplier invoices in Odoo.

Electronic Data Interchange for suppliers:

  • The customer's order automatically appears as sales orders in Odoo without any need to use 3rd party software to import orders from .csv files. All standard EDI messages are automatically generated like PO confirmations, ASN's and invoices. This is why we use the term "seamless" as it requires no extra effort on the supplier's side to handle EDI transactions. The result is greater efficiencies and subsequent cost savings.


What is EDI? Martin Eley from Pacific Commerce explains.

Our Odoo EDI solution also provides full order traceability and alerts for any errors that may occur like missing GLN's etc.

Please call WilldooIT to discuss your requirements.

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson – Director of Sales (Odoo), WilldooIT

Jonathan has over 35 years’ experience in the IT industry, including 15 years the CEO and leader of WillowIT Pty Ltd. Jon’s vision led him to establish WillowIT as the first Australian Odoo (formerly OpenERP) partner in 2009. Odoo is now the global leader in the provision of ERP and business software solutions. The company quickly established itself, becoming Odoo Best Partner Asia/Pacific on two occasions.

As an author and founding partner of Nexus Business Software, Jonathan held the positions of Director and CTO for 12 years. At its peak, Nexus had over 1,000 active sites in Australia, Asia and Canada.

Previous technical management roles have been at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Theatre Company and the Victorian Road Research Board.

Jonathan has proven expertise in business process design and experience in driving company growth. His strengths as a technical visionary have added value to the Group’s expansion plans.