OCA Sprint 2017 - Day 1

The OCA (Odoo Community Association) Codesprint 2017. I think there was somewhere around 100 attendees. Primarily coding nerds, but a smattering of people more concerned with functional aspects and testing.

After an introduction, we began adding notes to a shared document. It was amusing to watch a single document being updated by 60 odd people at once. Various “anonymous” animal icons to identify who was working where. Google must really be taking identity to a new level, as at one point in time, someone noticed I had the persona of “anonymous kangaroo”.


The focus of the day was not to be taught, not to listen, but to get stuff done. Tables of odd configurations formed to accommodate the varying and dynamic group sizes. The focuses were as variable as the people and groups; a couple of topics fell aside, lacking traction, while others bounded along with ten or more participants.

The sorts of things being tackled included:

  • A concerted effort to tie up the loose odds and ends of pull requests for version 10.

  • Beginning the core OCA modules upgrade to version 11.

  • Open Upgrade to allow for upgrading to version 11.

  • Runbot and Travis through Docker.

  • MIS Builder adoption of new features.

  • Translation moving to weblate.

  • Monitoring Odoo with Prometheus.

  • Product Configurator direction and placement.



I had a lot of interest in joining the group upgrading OCA modules, as the experience would help prepare Willdoo for beginning similar processes in its modules. However, I felt I could contribute more by assisting Stéphane Bidoul in the area of MIS builder. I feel the MIS builder is maturing, and gives some great custom General Ledger reporting possibilities, and did enjoy learning more about it as we added and tested multi-company support and enhancements.

After lunch (quite a commendable spread, may I add) I sidetracked to discuss the Product Configurator. This discussion included Paul Catinean (Pledra), principal author and designer of the module; Christian Perreault and Eric Lemire (Microcom) who have made many modifications and extensions; and other interested people. Willdoo have a number of clients using the configurator, and we are significant contributors to the project, and so have a vested interest in its ongoing improvement and redevelopment. We are hoping that the refactored version, soon to be finalised, will be a solid base for the next generation of the project. We also discussed how the collaboration could be of benefit to us all, stop multiple implementations of similar solutions, and document where it was heading and what it needs to include. Our biggest unknown is whether Odoo SA will be including any type of configurator in its regular product.

So, while it can be said that it is a great way of meeting like-minded people, and a fantastic networking opportunity, this was not the most important thing I got out of the day. It was the feeling of community. A reminder that being in the OCA is contributing to something bigger. It is a testament to open source, working, and for it to remain vibrant and healthy, we must make time to contribute.