Odoo Experience 2017 - Odoo Studio Class


I attended the Odoo studio class today. Odoo studio allows non-programmers to create new Odoo modules or modify existing modules. Nearly all visual aspects of a form can be changed and it is possible to create new models and implement forms incorporating the different types of model relationships – ManytoOne, OnetoMany & ManytoMany. This is quite impressive really. I was able to create a simple rental application using 4 models and several views. However, it could in no way be considered to be a production ready solution as there were so many consistency checks that could not be implemented without coding. However, as a tool to create mock up screens as part of a business analysis process, it is a very valuable tool. The end result can be exported and it creates something like a standard Odoo module which would be a very good start for a programmer who could complete the design process to produce a solid solution.

I would not like our end users to use this tool to make modifications to their system, firstly because it is possible to do some horrible things with python code or XML, secondly it is possible to make changes that cannot be upgraded, and lastly because they are not documented. This is not being elitist by saying that only programmers should make changes, it is simply a matter of good practice in a sensitive production environment.

One small interesting item was that it is now possible in the designer to change the Odoo desktop background, although we already have a module to do that plus quite a bit more.

Tomorrow we get on to some more advanced topics that will need some basic python and xml skills.