Odoo Experience 2019 - Day 1

The plenary session on day one is where all the features of the new release are announced.

There were over 4000 participants in this year’s event, which is a record.

I have done my best to summarise them below. They appear in the order they were presented and some items may appear out of context as I took notes.

Odoo v13 Apps

Sales & Marketing Related

Website enhancements

  • All website mods enhanced to make them clean by default and “beautiful” by default

  • New design for blogs

  • New forum

  • New events

  • All official themes are now free

  • New improved builder – all parameters of a widget block are now more conveniently placed in a left panel:

  • New big menu widget – drag and drop menu items

  • Push notifications to visitors on your website. They will receive these notifications even when they are not on the website but they have to have subscribed. You can select by country and time which is great for segmenting audiences:

  • Visitor tracking – based on visitor behaviour you can chat with them real-time, or SMS them immediately after they complete the contact form.

New SMS Marketing App 

  • New app “SMS Marketing” – use like the MassMailing app. Plus all stats and reporting:

Integrated Social Marketing 

  • New social marketing app that combines all social marketing channels

  • Follow key words

  • Users can tweet or put Facebook entries directly from the app

  • You can also schedule posts

  • One entry can go to all channels and you can then measure the responses

  • All completely integrated with (nearly) no configuration

    • (our marketing team will love this)


  • Leads – enrich a lead based on just based on the email address:

  • Use of AI to project lead success rate based on things such as good phone numbers, emails etc. It learns from your existing leads.

  • New “Generate Leads” function based on some parameters:

Geolocation of all leads:


Stock forecast feature on a SO line with drill-down:

  • Configurator enhanced to show options and extra items

  • Matrix entry for items like t-shirts:

  • Dynamic selection of list view columns:

  • An enormous amount of work by the dev team

  • Improvements to barcode scanner – super fast


New Field Services App 

Planning by user – month day etc new view:

  • Phone app for the field service staff – list of jobs including geolocation

  • All the details on drill down

  • Start the timer from the app

  • The worksheet is dynamic depending on the type of job. Customisable. Plus signature(s).

  • Worksheet designer:

  • Add parts to the job

  • Send report or ask the cust to sign straight away. Report has the time and parts and value.

  • Then one click you can invoice or reschedule another visit

  • Very cool

New Rental App 

  • Looks like a decent addition

  • Order entry for rentals has a new pop-up. Shows how many units are available for the selected time

  • Sign rental documents from the sales order

  • Pickup and return directly from the order:

Inventory and Management

  • New master product forecasting

  • Improved work centre features - uses Google Slides for the info

  • New app for subcontracting

  • Better Gantt and planning view

  • Direct updating of SoH from the stock report

  • Mass assign of serial numbers – copy/paste from a spreadsheet

  • Partial MTO/MTS products

  • Purchase analysis – new KPI dashboard

  • Valuation layers – Every change is logged which will explain how we get to the current value. Stock value and quants should be thought of like 2 different layers – FIFO costs are picked from the stock value stack and stock is picked from the quant stack.

  • Automated SMS or emails on delivery

Human Resource

  • Employee referrals apparently are the most efficient way to recruit based on stats

  • New app “Referrals” – it’s like a game. Get referrals and gain points

  • Show available positions to your friends and you get kudos points

  • You can share job positions on social media and if people click you get the credit

  • How far the referral get determines the number of points you get

  • If employed you build up your “team” of “superheroes”

  • The ability for an employee to design their contact online and they can sign online also. Designed for Belgium but may be applicable to Aus

  • Onboarding plans – design with a task for each department

  • Develop and train – Employee profile with skills measurement

  • eLearning app to training your employees. Design the course. Publish for free or sell. Collaboration with other students. Show progress. Certifications. All in one eLearning system:

New Planning module

  • Shift management – Planning application. By calendar or Gantt chart

  • Send schedule to employees – click on email if they wish to change

  • Shows conflicts

  • Send emails if shifts are changed

Lunch app improved!

New Approvals App 

Custom designed approvals workflows

Finance Improvements

  • Refer to previous blogs: Advanced Accounting (Day #1 and Day #2)


  • 5 x faster – even on imports!

  • Web page render is also much faster

  • Many processes in the Object Relation Model (ORM) engine now happen in memory

Multi companies – see several but only transact on one

Odoo image and text block

Jonathan Wilson – Chief Sales and Innovation Executive, WilldooIT

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My skills include partnering with senior leaders of a business to determine business needs, risks and functionality and aligning solutions in support of strategic and tactical objectives to satisfy cost-effective business requirements and deliverables.