Odoo Experience 2019 - Day 2

Vision & Strategy

Today’s plenary session was all about the future. 

Fabien commenced by briefly describing that it is partly because of the unique model that has created a unique synergy between the strong development community and the commercial enterprise users. This has not only produced a sustainable financial model for further R&D and continuous product and Odoo ecosystem improvement but also incredible and vibrant momentum in the Odoo community at large. 

The Odoo community version represents about 80% of Odoo’s codebase, and because of Odoo’s architecture and their commitment to providing a very functional community version, both the Odoo community and enterprise versions evolve together:

The question often arises “What should be in the community version and what should be in the enterprise version”?

Fabien’s answer is to split per-app not features, i.e. if an app is in the community version it should be fully functional, e.g. the CRM app is now fully functional in the community version and is the same app in the enterprise version:

Given the expected growth, how does Fabien see the challenges ahead:

So this means there must be knowledgeable worldwide partners, so education and quality are paramount.

So Odoo is addressing this in various ways - “Scale-up” is a gamified training tool for business analysts:

Odoo have released an Odoo implementation book for implementors, and providing an expert service on-demand:

How to get quality partners - set strict and meaningful standards:

Odoo is moving quickly - how will Odoo keep customers up to date (mostly applicable to the SaaS customers):

The challenge of continual improvement:

And that was a wrap!

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Jonathan Wilson – Chief Sales and Innovation Executive, WilldooIT

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My skills include partnering with senior leaders of a business to determine business needs, risks and functionality and aligning solutions in support of strategic and tactical objectives to satisfy cost-effective business requirements and deliverables.