Odoo V10 Roadshow - Brisbane

WilldooIT at the Brisbane roadshow


Above, from left to right: Paul Gallo (PNORS MD), Salvatore Provenzano (Odoo, Manager/Asia Pacific),  Jonathan Wilson (WilldooIT Director of Sales - Odoo)


Last stop for the roadshow was Brisbane.  45 registered guests attended which represents about half of those who responded and is in line with similar results in Melbourne and Sydney (although the figures were roughly triple in both Melbourne and Sydney). However, as well as existing users of Odoo wishing to learn about the new version there were also some serious people investigating Odoo for use within their company. One person I spoke to had some very interesting requirements for a unique manufacturing process - this is where Odoo really shines in my opinion as it is possible to either glue existing Odoo features together in a new arrangement, or make some relatively simple modifications to achieve a tight vertical solution that is then surrounded by the full power and flexibility of a complete ERP, CRM, CMS & eCommerce system (not to mention HR, projects, etc). 

There also people who had done some interesting extensions to the community version and were now looking at the possibility of moving to the enterprise V10 version as it incorporated many of the features that had to custom write. This is a very good indication that Odoo is progressing and maturing as it starts to fulfil more requirements out of the box. However, and this is what really impresses me, they still maintain a relatively minimalist feature set allowing partners to cater for any very specific requirements.

And the audio-visual I put together for the roadshow has now been applauded at all three events!