Refreshing Your ERP Solution to Create a Competitive Advantage


I was inspired to write this blog about Odoo, having just starting working with this amazing product. After working with a number of diverse organisations over the years, in some of my roles, I was responsible for the selection, configuration, implementation and application of new ERP and CRM solutions. Although this may seem a little bias, I can safely say that I have now found the best in the business.

What I am trying to articulate in this blog is the flexibility of Odoo to meet customer requirements and the correlation between this flexibility and creating a competitive advantage for your business. I hope you enjoy reading on and that it may add to your knowledge about open source ERP solutions.

Creating a competitive advantage in today's world

Competitive Advantage It’s no secret that it is increasingly difficult to gain a competitive advantage with everyone having easy accessibility to information provided by digital platform technology.

Gartner (a global research and advisory company specialising in the IT space) recently published a report stating that by 2018, half of business architecture will be focused on enabling and defining Digital platform strategies.

This confirms the increased need for Omni-Channel marketing strategies, which has been on the radar of marketing gurus and businesses since the early 2000’s.

In a separate press release, Gartner also noted that there is an increasing trend towards artificial intelligence and Digital Technology platforms.

What does this mean for businesses?

With the announced arrival of Amazon in Australia, the marketplace is shaping up to be even more competitive with the threat being felt by both brick and mortar and eCommerce businesses and will drive the urgency for unique and sustainable competitive advantages in that marketplace.

ERP SolutionIn my experience, the best way to gain a competitive advantage is to provide exceptional personalised customer experience (online and offline) and fast turnaround times (must have elements when working in an electronic space). These goals are achievable by the use of a rock solid and intuitive business management systems including a full-featured CRM.

Odoo presents a customer-centric solution – integrated CRM, ERP, MRP, eCommerce and marketing, which allows for a 360-degree view of sales all the way through to delivery and invoicing and follow-on upselling and marketing.

Having a customer-centric system enables your business to:

  • Enhance your customer experience such as notifications on customer birthdays which enables you to create a community via the use of blogs/forums

  • Enhance the customer experience by using a beautifully designed and easy to use website template or build your own

  • Facilitate ease of use by developing an efficient on-line business model for your customers, with an ability to automate processes which in turn, creates the shortest possible turnaround times for your customers

Having an integrated business management solution

One of the best features of Odoo is its simplicity and user-centric design. You would be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of Odoo as:

  • Stock appears on the on-line shop with a click of the mouse

  • Manage marketing campaigns and track their results

  • Ability to track your customers’ orders in real time

  • Stock levels are automatically tracked through all channels (shop front, warehouse and website).

  • Having your customer’s information at the tip of your fingers, accessible from your mobile device or computer - anywhere, anytime.

In short, Odoo offers you the customer-centric technology and platform to gain a competitive advantage and remain there in this fast moving data intensive world. And the possibilities don’t just end there. Odoo has thousands of apps available globally that we can consider when meeting your vision and provide a solid foundation for growth.

Felix Choo

Felix Choo  MBA B.ENG – Solutions Consultant, PNORS Technology Group

Having worked in national and senior roles in both Timber and Packaging Industries, Felix has gained significant experience and knowledge in a variety of businesses and business processes. Being a creative problem-solver, he is a great listener and seeks to understand a client’s challenges and difficulties, before strategising and proposing a solution.

Felix is a man of many talents, approaching challenges head on which assists his strategic decision making by turning ideas, thoughts, or even a bit of scribble on a post-it note, into massive action with excellent results. Felix is passionate about working side by side his clients as they grow and he works with them to achieve great things.