Relationship Between Organisations and Their ERP Supplier


Just like any relationship, the ERP vendor needs to care, understand the customer’s wishes and unique attributes and to work with them to satisfy their needs.

The decision to implement a new ERP system often requires the taking of a big step or sometimes a giant leap. I see our primary goals at WilldooIT are to open the mind to what is possible, provide expertise and guidance every step of the way and then preserve the excitement that comes from a new relationship.

Working daily with the Odoo Sales and Professional Services team, I witness these 5 steps as being crucial to building a productive relationship with our customers as they transition from the old way of doing things to something much more beneficial.

Five stages of building a productive ERP relationship

1. Are we compatible?

A vital stage in getting to know a customer’s business and allowing questions to be asked and answered. Time to discover what is required to ensure a successful project and how to function together to create a productive and effective relationship.

Pros and Cons2. Analysing the benefits of being in this relationship

Now we discover the unique project characteristics and start making the first steps towards exploring new ways of doing business. Out of the box, or customised solution for a100% requirements fit, means no compromises are needed.

3. Commitment

At this stage, everyone is on board; committing time, resources, effort and a positive attitude. No turning back and now laying the foundation for a really strong relationship. The future is looking bright.  

4. Go-live

It is at this stage that I see the rewards of the positive relationship that has been built over the journey. The big day has arrived, and all the preparation has been done including customisations, testing, and staff training to ensure the new solution will meet growing business requirements and confirm the decision to build this relationship.

5. Enjoy the benefits

This is the stage that solidifies the relationship with the confidence and peace of mind that the best platform for business growth and has been delivered. I am lucky to hear feedback from our customers that they have enjoyed the experience of working with WilldooIT and are reaping the rewards of an integrated system and improved processes. Now it’s time for ongoing and timely support to maintain the health and excitement of this new relationship. 

But don’t just take it from me, the feeling is mutual!

"WilldooIT replaced several disparate legacy systems that were beginning to fall apart and were definitely holding our growth back, with one integrated custom solution. It has absolutely transformed our work processes and provided us with a solid platform for growth with minimal additional overhead. We would readily recommend WilldooIT's professional services."
- PazStone Group. Mariano Paz, Group Financial Controller.
“Thank you to the team at WilldooIT who have made our change management story into a great success story. I thoroughly recommend both the WilldooIT team and the Odoo platform to any business looking to move beyond the constraints of small business accounting packages and take advantage of full enterprise level systems processes.”
- Novachem. Andrew Heath, Business Development Manager

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Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson – Marketing and Sales Consultant, PNORS Technology Group

With a professional career dedicated to delivering successful outcomes for a variety of high-profile organisations, Carol enjoys leading and managing projects that put smiles on people's faces.

Being part of a team from the beginning, creating strategic plans and implementing them through working closely with a variety of technical, marketing and sales stakeholders, Carol is valued for getting things done.

With an eye for detail, combined with a clear vision for project outcomes, Carol has enjoyed being part of many teams across a variety of industries including IT and ERP solutions, education, public relations, media, publishing and major Australian sporting events.

Carol is often described as highly organised, good humoured and efficient. Skilled in the execution of sales programs, training, corporate and special events including pre-planning, venue/catering selection, training material preparation, training records, stakeholder engagement, event marketing, onsite logistics, budget management and administration.