Snapshot of Odoo V13 New and Improved Features


I’m heading off to the Odoo Experience week in early October, however, I thought it would be nice to give you a sneak peek at what I think are the important and cool features in the new Odoo V13 release.

Fabien and the team have been busy developing new features for Odoo V13. In fact, 1418 tasks have been completed to improve Odoo 13, vs 892 for Odoo 12. Each task goes through different phases: specification, development, testing, code reviews, design, merge. Odoo is evolving fast; very fast (59% faster than last year). A measure of the progress is the number of tasks merged into the master branch:

Odoo v13

What's new in Odoo v13?

I’ve compiled a list of features gathered from several sources, including my own research on the Odoo runbot.

Although this article is definitely not definitive and we won't know more until after the Odoo Experience, the main main features are covered below.

1. Invoicing changes

Personally, I think the biggest, although not immediately noticeable, is the complete refactoring of the Invoicing module. Without getting too technical, the Invoicing data models have been merged with the General Ledger transaction models, i.e. Invoices are now based on the account.move model (formerly account.invoice). My understanding is that this was done to remove the complexities (like inconsistent Invoice & associated GL transactions) inherent in the separated data model structure. Personally, I’m not sure this is a good move as the individual but linked module structure of Odoo has always been one of its strengths. Actually, I would have rather seen the GL module split off into a separate module as larger ERP systems have. However, Fabien is a smart guy and I reserve judgement.

2. Interface changes

2.1. Ability to add/remove preselected fields in list view. Changes can be saved:


2.2. New summarised view of scheduled activities in CRM & Sales:


2.3. Enhanced Gantt view, with click and drag to avoid alternating between gantt and form views:

3. Usability

3.1. Easily send custom payment links to your customers from Orders or Invoices (down payment, follow-up, etc.):

Payment is auto-reconciled with the invoice:

3.2. Use formulas in float fields. e.g. compute discounts in a Purchase Order:

3.3. Progress bar for file upload

3.4. Matrix display to create/edit Sale Orders and Purchase Orders much faster. Typical in the fashion industry and many others:

3.5. Use Google Slides as worksheets in your manufacturing operations. Update instructions instantly for all your workers without having to rebuild, reupload, or reprint PDF files.

3.6. Geolocation feature on partner view:

4. Web

4.1. Blog revamp:

4.2. Inventory Forecast:

4.3. New multi-company widget:

4.4. Improved graph views: 

Odoo is testing testing a new library for (charts) with new layout possibilities - pie chart comparisons, clean legends, etc. Also fine-tuning the UX to ease the analysis of a big amount of data (multi-group by, continuous line charts):

4.5. Define on your BoM if you can consume more or less components than planned:

4.6. HTML editor now supports Checklists.

4.7. Improved calendar view.

5. New apps:

  • eLearning

  • Field Service 

  • Social marketing

  • Rental

  • Fashion

  • HR referrals: Get help from your co-workers to source more resumes, find the best talent, and build a successful company culture

  • Consolidation

  • Approvals workflow

  • Shift management

  • Amazon connector: 'Amazon Connector ' and 'Amazon/Delivery Bridge'. Just your credentials from Amazon and the magic happens. Orders pour in! Products are matched based on SKU

  • Mass SMS

5.1. Mass SMS:

5.2. Approvals:

5.3. Field Service:

5.4. Rental:

5.5. eLearning - design and publish courses online:

5.6. Employee Profiles including skills:

5.7. At last an update to the lunch module: New UI for ordering Lunch in Odoo13:

6. System

6.1. Font Awesome upgrade from V4.7.0 to V5.10.1

6.2. Security settings available from user record:

6.3. Digital signature on emails:

6.4. Integrated SMS (not sure of the charging model):

7. POS

7.1. Odoo POS will be compatible with EPSON ePOS printers without the need for and IoT box.

7.2. POS orders synchronization:

It doesn't use instant updates (long-polling) an order is synced on table opening/closing. If a waiter forgets to close the table, it will be closed automatically in 60 seconds

7.3. Tickets from the POS can now also be sent by email: 

Hopefully, this will encourage throwing less paper in the bin and obtaining receipts by email instead.

8. Technical

8.1. Lazy loading for javascript files:

Instead of synchronous load, #Odoo13 will have lazy loading for javascript files. Previously website pages appeared to the user when all the "css" and "js" were downloaded, parsed and executed, but the "JS" is now lazy loaded.

8.2. Drag and drop to reorder the extra product media on product: Gif

8.3. No more fake domains/code to handle 'None'/'Null' values for boolean fields - all boolean fields will be set to "False" by default.

8.4. From Fabien: The #Odoo 13 new framework is a revolution:

Compare speed & SQL queries of these 2 screenshots. The account code is the same, only the ORM changed -> expect similar enhancements in most business objects. Check improvement in time and SQL, It's purely at framework layer, same SO code:

SQL: 178 queries -> 45 queries

Speed create+confirm: 125ms -> 51ms

Speed update: 41.1ms -> 10.9ms

8.5. Both the and the api.multi will be removed! 

By default, every function will be a recordset and you don't have to provide these decorators (anymore). 

8.6. Company logo is now independent of the website logo.

8.7. It seems as in Odoo 13 will replace wkhtml2pdf by Chrome headless:

8.8. Odoo13 is running on jQuery 3.x

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