Why Everyone in Marketing Should Use Odoo’s Website Builder


I started working at WilldooIT late last year, almost straight out of University, after completing my Bachelor Degree in Business with a major in Marketing. So you can understand when Paul Gallo, the CEO of PNORS Technology Group, asked me to help redevelop and grow the Group’s websites, I was flabbergasted. I would not have thought that in under a year of leaving University, I would have contributed to the creation of three sites with another one about to be published, without having to complete a basic website developers course.

In the past, I have used WordPress and Joomla to edit websites (mainly for blogging – which doesn’t require technical capability) and to add a bit of content here and there. Although I have tried, I have never successfully built a website from scratch and this is because of one simple reason. I do not have the technological skills of a web developer. It truly is an art form what they can do. Having said that, I can write and edit simple code, but I cannot customise themes, or create them from scratch as a professional can.

So there I was, out of my comfort zone asked to do what I thought was impossible given my experience with other websites in the past. However, thank goodness I was using Odoo as the framework. Odoo is one of the easiest website builders around, and I did not even know it existed until I started with WilldooIT. Moreover, the best thing about it, it is a Marketer’s dream as all of your mass mailing, CRM, eCommerce and everything in between is all there and is easily integrated into the same platform.

Here are some of the other reasons that I use Odoo for marketing.

The benefits of Odoo's Website Builder for Marketers

1 – Anyone can use it

Have you used Canva or any other drag and drop program? Well, Odoo is just as easy to use and navigate. You do not need to be able to read and write code as Odoo’s functionality allows for you to use drag and drop features that you can align wherever you want on the page. From my experience, trying to create columns or place an image in a particular place is almost impossible for someone who does not know code. With Odoo, creating a website is relatively easy and you can customise it as you wish as long as you have basic technical skills.

2 – You don’t need to outsource the basic stuff

OutsourcingWeb sites can be tricky things and trying to get them looking pretty and highly functioning isn’t always as easy as we want it to be. However, the basic functionality of Odoo should allow you to be able to create your website without having to outsource the process. It is easy to use and after watching a few videos or reading some documentation, I am sure that just about everyone can use Odoo to build a beautiful website.

In the past, if I wanted something simple changed or I just needed to add a few words to a page I had to go to the developers, who had to fit my requests into their schedule. Depending on their workload, this could take more than a week and then I would be charged by the hour. Once your website it up and running, you can easily make small changes here and there in real-time without having to call and wait for someone to do it for you.

3 – A library of easy to install and customisable themes available

When creating a website, we always have a vision in our mind of how we want it to look. Unfortunately, unless you have the technological skill or the resources behind you, it never comes out like this. Fortunately, Odoo has a number of different themes that are free and some that are paid. They range all the way from eCommerce to Real Estate to Education and everything in-between. The best part is that you can further customise just about all of these themes to the colours that you want and text that is already loaded.

4 – Great SEO implementation tool

One of my favourite features of Odoo’s website builder is the SEO feature. With other websites you need to insert plugins like Yoast to give everyone the ability to customise your on-page SEO. With Odoo, it’s already installed and it's easy to use. Odoo takes pride in their SEO functionality stating, “The Odoo Website Builder is probably the most SEO-ready CMS out there. We consider SEO a top priority. To guarantee Odoo Website and Odoo eCommerce users have a great SEO, Odoo abstracts all the technical complexities of SEO and handles everything for you, in the best possible way.”

Here is a short explainer of how it works!


5 - It's fully integrated

Most Marketers like myself will have a library of separate websites and apps that we use to complete our marketing strategy. In the past I have used; Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, SalesForce and many more to be able to complete my market campaigns. Odoo has their own version of these websites/apps which are already integrated with your website meaning that you no longer need to pay for all these tools, need to remember 100 different passwords and use multiple spreadsheets as all of these things are integrated. 

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Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith – Digital Marketing Consultant, PNORS Technology Group

After struggling to decide where his future was going, Nicholas was tossing up between medicine, law, carpentry and just about everything in between. It wasn’t until a convincing voice turned him onto marketing and communications where he found his passion. Nicholas graduated from Swinburne University of Technology with a background in marketing and a passion for everything digital. Nicholas is the Digital Marketing consultant and coordinator for PNORS Technology compromising of Datatime Services, Netway Networks, Pacific Commerce and WilldooIT.

Nicholas has been involved with creating, planning and implementing an inbound marketing strategy with a passion for creating content that pleases the eyes. His keen eye for creativity is sometimes so far out of field he doesn’t even know where his going with his ideas but manages to get there eventually.