Why Odoo 13 Is Paving the Way for ERP Marketing Technology


Digital Marketing can be a complicated and confusing beast.

There are many cogs turning in many areas at the one time all with one goal in mind:

Bringing prospects to your website so you can convert them into customers

Some companies can achieve this with a simple well-optimised website, whereas others need to invest in becoming visible on all online channels by investing in SEO, PPC, Social Media, and so on. Whereas, others thrive on outbound sales.

However, from an inbound marketing standpoint, one of the biggest problems for small to medium businesses is the sheer number of third-party/non-integrated apps/products that you need just to do the basics.  

As a business, you can spend more time working out the technical configuration of your MarTech (Marketing Technology), resulting in duplication of data and processes, than actually rolling out your campaigns and winning new business.

MarTech stack utilised by most small businesses

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As a minimum, a small business might use the following market-leading* tools for their online marketing:

  • Website: WordPress or Drupal or Squarespace

    • eCommerce: WooCommerce

    • SEO: Yoast or other inbuilt software

  • CRM: Salesforce or Zoho or HubSpot

  • Email Marketing: MailChimp

  • Surveys: SurveyMonkey

  • Marketing Automation: Hubspot or Constant Contact

  • Online Management and Analytics: Google Analytics or SEMRush

  • Social Media Scheduler: Hootsuite or Buffer

  • SMS: Hubbion

  • Website Push Notifications: Subscribers

*Please note: These tools are all fantastic at what they do and can be integrated into most third-party solutions.
The intention of this blog is only to highlight the number of different logins, databases and subscriptions, not their technical capabilities.

For a small-medium business trying to compete against companies with a larger budget, a full stack of MarTech is not always affordable. Substituting integrated tools for standalone platforms can cause many issues due to duplication of data, repetitive processes and lack of overall visibility. 

When most marketers think about their MarTech, they don’t think it’s possible to have a completely integrated marketing toolset to cover the basics and not break the bank. 

Well, Odoo is working on this and is now closer than ever to achieving this goal with the launch of Odoo 13.

And the best part,  Odoo is customisable, so you can hire a team like WilldooIT to modify it to the way you want to operate. 

Odoo’s MarTech Stack

Before the release of Odoo 13, the previous versions of Odoo already provided the following applications:

  • MassMailing (Email Marketing)

  • CRM

  • Website Builder (CMS):

    • Live Chat

    • eCommerce / Shipping integrations 

    • Blogs

    • SEO manager 

  • Help desk integration

  • Marketing automation

  • Surveys

  • Events

Not many ERP packages, or even standalone MarTech platforms, have been able to integrate all of these areas into the one system while ensuring that they are affordable and user-friendly. 

Odoo 13 has taken its Marketing modules to a new level.

Odoo Marketing V13 Apps

First of all, Odoo has really listened to user feedback.

One major area that the product was missing out on was the engagement of new and existing businesses. This is achieved through social media and outbound marketing alerts such as push and SMS notifications.

Now all of this cha be achieved without leaving Odoo.

These are the new applications:


Complete social media management including social feeds, publishing and scheduling, analytics and more


SMS push notifications to your clients and prospects letting them know of new opportunities, sales and other communication areas


Complete rental application from scheduling to invoicing and everything in between

Here's why it's a game changer!

Traditional Marketing Stack


Odoo's MarTech


This functionality is a game-changer for marketers as almost all of your needs can be achieved without leaving Odoo.

Not only can we scrap a number of non-integrated third-party applications, but we can achieve greatly improved levels of communication with the one product that does not break the bank.

Furthermore, every area of your business can utilise Odoo as it incorporates a multitude of applications for the additional areas of your business. 

If you would like to find out more or discuss your MarTech needs, please contact us here

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Nicholas Smith – Digital Marketing Consultant, PNORS Technology Group

Nicholas has a passion for everything digital and everything Marketing.

Nicholas is the Digital Marketing Consultant for PNORS Technology compromising of Datatime Services, Netway Networks, Pacific Commerce and WilldooIT.

Nicholas has been involved with creating, planning and implementing an inbound marketing strategy with a passion for creating content that pleases the eyes.