Odoo Scores Brilliantly on Democratic Reviews of ERP Solutions


WilldooIT, part of the PNORS Technology Group, is proud to be the Premium Odoo Consultancy in Australia. We are also delighted that Odoo is gaining a lot of traction and recognition in the market. We see this as growing and gaining, even more, momentum.

Odoo ERPRecently there have been two sites that have rated Odoo very highly. Finance Online rates Odoo 9/10 and states it has a 96% user satisfaction. Capterra rate it number 3 even beating SAP Business. There are a number of reasons for its growing popularity (100k customers, 2M users, 32K Facebook likes, 10K LinkedIn Followers and 34K Twitter followers).

Odoo's rise to popularity

  • Odoo is much more than your standard ERP.
    To quote Finance Online:

“Odoo has much more to offer than a standard management platform – it encompasses sales and project management in a single tool, and enriches them with a variety of MRP, POS, and e-commerce functions to deliver a universal solution that can help all businesses manage all types of operations. Furthermore, the system goes a step ahead integrating every sales channel you can think of, which combined with its robust inventory management, makes for the best business management solution to be found on the market these days.”

  • Customers are at the heart of Odoo. Traditional ERP products implementing sales, purchases, stock and finance can be broadly categorised as “finance centric”. However, business today require a “customer centric” product that, whilst handling the finances well, encompasses customer interactions from pre-sale and marketing through sales, delivery, invoicing and post-sale upselling. This 360-degree engagement with their clients is only possible with an integrated product like Odoo.

  • Odoo CommunityOdoo is open source and has a large community following. Odoo follows the open-source philosophy of many eyes viewing the source code translates into fewer bugs, and this combined with an agile approach to development, means that stable enhancements are regularly released. Community involvement, combined with Odoo’s beautiful extensible design, ensures that niche and desirable extra features are quickly catered for. Odoo’s flexibility has allowed WilldooIT to craft solutions for large not-for-profit organisations (Move Muscle and Joint - Arthritis Victoria), service industries (Corporate Investigative Services), manufacturing industries (Paz Stone & Woods Furniture) and true vertical market apps (Flat Rate Now). Refer to our customer Testimonials and Case Studies for more information. 

  • Odoo capabilities stretch from start-ups to multi-nationals. There is no other product I know of that can boast such an extensive applicability range. We have 2 user customers with basic requirements, and 400 user customers with the needs of large corporations. Odoo truly encompasses one of its taglines, “Software that grows with your business”.

  • Odoo enterprise pricing is very competitive. Odoo’s enterprise pricing of A$480/user /annum compares extremely favourably to the established ERP products, but beats them in terms of flexibility (browser interfaced, deploy on-site, your private cloud, or SaaS) and ancillary product licensing (no operating system or database licenses).

  • Odoo is bridging the gap between full featured and ease of use: Traditionally as a product implemented more features their ease of use dropped as expertise expectancy rose. It has always been a challenge to implement a broad range of useful functionality whilst maintaining a simple, consistent and logical user interface. Odoo is claiming this rare ground and is working hard to maintain this position.
    MYOB and XERO customers find it easy to make the transition to Odoo, and large companies enjoy the user training benefits, due to Odoo’s approachable design.  

Yes, I am passionate about Odoo but I have seen the real difference that Odoo has made to our customers’ businesses. According to Paul Gallo, the founder of PNORS, our mission is to provide integrated and flexible business management technology to manage and grow your business. Odoo is has been very successful in helping PNORS constantly achieve these goals.

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