WilldooIT are the first Odoo GOLD Partner in Australasia


Jon Wilson

Becoming the first Odoo GOLD partner in our region


Now with 2M users world-wide, Odoo is kicking goals in the ERP and business process market place. Willdoo IT is part of this global success having been appointed Odoo’s first Gold partner in Australasia.  Odoo Gold Partners are amongst the top 15% most active partners in the Odoo eco-system.  

Of course, reaching this milestone would not have been possible without our wonderful customers and dedicated staff to whom we would like to extend our sincere thanks for accompanying us on this journey.

We have always believed that Odoo is a truly market disrupting product and since becoming the first Australian Odoo Partner in 2009 and winning APAC Odoo Partner of the year in 2013 and 2015, we have enthusiastically promoted the unique value proposition that Odoo offers to our customers. Our commitment and efforts have resulted in us now being recognised as the most sought after Odoo implementation experts in our region.

As a result of this recognition and the inevitable growth of our team, we will ensure that our two primary goals of technical excellence and customer experience are continually improved. We believe the growth of Odoo in the coming years will be exponential and we are perfectly placed to ride this curve.  We will be successfully competing with established players and look forward to shaking up the marketplace!

The WilldooIT and Odoo partnership journey

There is an excellent song by Australian songwriter Archie Roach, “From Little Things (big things grow)”, and while it deals with the weighty matters of land rights, like all good poetry it has a universal application. I possibly may be stretching the sentiments of the song. However, WilldooIT did start life as a single simple thought, based on our already extensive ERP background, “how could we provide affordable, flexible, extensible and integrated ERP solutions to Australian business”, and that simple thought certainly took on a life of its own.

WilldooIT and Odoo PartnershipFirstly, we had to rule out the established players as their closed source solutions and complex infrastructure requirements did not fit our criteria of “affordable, flexible and extensible ”. This naturally led us to investigate the open source ERP products as they certainly did match at least our “affordable” criteria. After a couple of years of investigation (and one false start), we were attracted to a small start-up in Belgium called OpenERP S.A. Coming from a technical background, we immediately appreciated it's object-oriented and n-tier architecture, and the potential of such architecture in realising the “flexible and extensible” criteria. After studying the product and exchanging many emails with Fabien Pinckaers, the Company’s Founder, we decided that although the product at that early stage was lacking some features, it had great potential.

In 2009, as WillowIT, we took the plunge and Douglas Parker and I headed to Belgium to attend both the functional and technical training sessions. I have to admit that when we arrived in a small Belgian village in the Namur province, we did wonder what we had got ourselves into. However, the atmosphere was buzzing with enthusiasm and the trainers were technically excellent. We also had the opportunity to discuss with Fabien the future plans for the product, which he explained with great enthusiasm and included a round of private funding to spur development. So we left the course with our heads full information and the conviction we had selected the right product.

Odoo head office 2009

Odoo Head Office 2009

For the next year, with the addition to our team of Richard deMeester, we studied the product until we felt sufficiently confident to offer it to our market. Our first major customer was Woods Furniture Pty Ltd, who required a custom solution for their complex product configuration and integration to their already efficient manufacturing processes. Rod Massey, General Manager of Woods Furniture, was wonderful to work with, and over a period of several months we had completely replaced their legacy ERP and CRM systems and built a custom product configurator that was usable even by remote staff. With Rod as a supportive reference, we were able to build on this success and the company evolved very quickly.

Odoo PartnerIn 2012 we became an official Odoo training partner and held two successful training courses in Melbourne with participants from several countries in our region. In 2013, at the annual Odoo open days we were awarded APAC (Asia-Pacific) Odoo Partner of the Year Award, and again in 2015. Being firmly established as the premier partner in our region, our customer base was growing rapidly and consequently stretching our resources. We knew the potential of Odoo to disrupt the ERP market and its applicability to both medium and large companies, and the question we faced was how to grow the company quickly so it was a credible player for the 2nd and 3rd tier companies? Serendipitously, we were approached by an established ERP provider, DISPRAX, who were looking to extend their existing successful product offering to include a dynamic and flexible product like Odoo. It was a perfect match for us and resulted in a merged and combined company “WilldooIT”.

WilldooIT is but one company within the PNORS Technology Group of Companies. The other companies within the group provide complementary services and products such as Electronic Trading (Pacific Commerce), Automated Data Capture (Datatime Services) and IT Infrastructure Maintenance (Netway Networks). This is a perfect combination of products and services for our market and we are currently in the process of integrating them all into Odoo.

PNORS Technology Group Head Office

PNORS Technology Group New Head Office 

Becoming an Odoo Gold partner consolidates WilldooIT as the leading provider of Odoo services in our region. Combined with the additional services offered by other companies in the PNORS group, we will now approach larger companies looking for a truly powerful and integrated ERP product, and fulfil our original vision “to provide affordable, flexible, extensible and integrated ERP solutions to Australian business”.

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Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson – Director of Sales (Odoo), WilldooIT

Jonathan has over 35 years’ experience in the IT industry, including 15 years the CEO and leader of WillowIT Pty Ltd. Jon’s vision led him to establish WillowIT as the first Australian Odoo (formerly OpenERP) partner in 2009. Odoo is now the global leader in the provision of open source ERP and business software solutions. The company quickly established itself, becoming Odoo Best Partner Asia/Pacific on two occasions.

As an author and founding partner of Nexus Business Software, Jonathan held the positions of Director and CTO for 12 years.  At its peak, Nexus had over 1,000 active sites in Australia, Asia and Canada.

Previous technical management roles have been at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Theatre Company and the Victorian Road Research Board.

Jonathan has proven expertise in business process design and experience in driving company growth. His strengths as a technical visionary have added value to the Group’s expansion plans.