Odoo Pipedrive integration

Migration from Pipedrive made easy!

About the Odoo Pipedrive integration


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WilldooIT has developed a comprehensive interface to transfer Pipedrive “deals” into Odoo. Pipedrive deals are not converted directly as Odoo CRM opportunities, rather they are imported into a separate Pipedrive archive within Odoo.

The migrated Pipedrive deals retain all their discussion history, activities, attachments and stages.

They can then be selectively converted into Odoo CRM opportunities, again maintaining all their history.

All un-converted Pipedrive deals are still available for enquiry within Odoo and so the source Pipedrive instance can be shut down when the transfer is complete.



Transfer Pipedrive deals intact to Odoo including all discussion history, activities, attachments and stages.


Pipedrive deals are stored in an archive within Odoo and can be queried like any Odoo table. In the archive, the migrated deals are presented in columns representing the Pipedrive stages.


Users can selectively convert Pipedrive deals into Odoo opportunities.


Once migrated to Odoo there is no need to maintain the Pipedrive instance.