About WilldooIT

WilldooIT is Australia's first and only Odoo Gold Partner, the first, most experienced and awarded Australian supplier of Odoo in the Asia/Pacific. Our in-house team work with businesses all around Australia to provide the analytic, project management and technical skills to ensure your Odoo implementation delivers exceptional value to your business. 

WilldooIT was created in 2016 from a merger between industry leaders in ERP delivery, Disprax and WillowIT.  The merged companies have a combined experience of over 60 years in the analysis, consultation, development, implementation and training of ERP, BI and CRM systems.

WilldooIT’s mission is to provide expert professional services to ensure your ERP implementation is not only successful but delivers a solid platform for growth.  With our highly acknowledged personalised support and consultation services, we take pride in working side by side with our customers as their business grows.

WilldooIT is also the developer and distributor of the TIMMS (Timber Industry Management and Marketing System) ERP software.  TIMMS is a comprehensive integrated suite of accounting, inventory management, sales and operations software, specifically designed for the timber industry.

TIMMS has 25 distinct modules covering all areas of business including financials, supply chain management, sales and distribution management and inventory management.

The PNORS Technology Group of Companies


The PNORS groups are committed to improving business productivity through the delivery of integrated technology solutions that target the vital operations that are key to the success of modern connected enterprises. The services offered by WilldooIT are a major element in our total business management solution.  

WilldooIT is a part of the PNORS group of companies with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Together with the benefits of offering complementary and integrated technology solutions to grow your business, WilldooIT is able to provide a personalised, tailored services while ensuring the security and business continuity that being part of a large company provides.