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About WilldooIT

WilldooIT provides innovative business solutions to make growth through technology easy for our customers. We have been authoring, implementing and supporting ERP systems since 1982. 

We are a group of management and IT professionals with many years of combined experience and skills in consulting, developing, implementing, training and supporting ERP software across Australasia.  We provide a wealth of experience and expertise that both small and large companies can rely on. 

Offering business management solutions using Odoo as a platform for ERP implementations, WilldooIT are Australia’s first and most experienced Odoo partner, first Australian Odoo Gold Partner and are three time recipients of Odoo’s APAC Partner of the year.

Our reputation and good name are invaluable to us, and at all times we strive to uphold our values by ensuring we are focused on our goals. A company can be sure it has selected the right company when partnering with WilldooIT.  

WilldooIT is part of the PNORS Technology Group of companies with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Together with the benefits of offering complimentary technology solutions to grow your business, WilldooIT is able to provide a personalised tailored service while still ensuring the security and business continuity that being part of a large company provides. 

Additionally, other member companies provide complementary services such as electronic data interchange (EDI) (Pacific Commerce), document translation and data automation (Datatime Services) and network and infrastructure support (Netway Networks). 


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Odoo is a fully integrated ERP, project management system and HR solution incorporating website content management, eCommerce and customer portals.  Odoo’s competitive advantage includes its open source architecture, is fully customisable, has integrated functionality, is feature-rich and has corporate level support.  Odoo integrates key components that modern business requires for a full 360 degree view of sales, distribution, finance and marketing, resulting in a more customer-centric focus and full data visibility across the organisation.  Odoo apps are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes.  All business needs can be addressed in a single, cost-effective and modular solution that doesn’t rely on numerous individual solutions that don’t talk to each other. Odoo is available anywhere, anytime and on any device.  

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Incorporates core TIMMS features with extra functionality provided by the Odoo platform, to provide a modern and extended browser-based business management system designed for the timber industry.

Extra functionality includes fully integrated eCommerce, POS applications and access to powerful manufacturing operations, including HR functionality and mass mailing and automated marketing facilities – equally comfortable running on a browser or hand-held devices. Available anywhere and anytime. 

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Willdoo Renewables

A business management solution specifically designed for the renewable energy retail and supplier enterprises.  Willdoo Renewables incorporates essential business features with key requirements of the industry in one package.  Measurable benefits are achieved by reducing management overheads and integrating workflows from initial contact through sales, job management and cost control, documentation, stock control and most importantly, finances.  Willdoo Renewables includes essential features required by the Industry such as management and sale of STCs and LGCs and auto generation of documentation required throughout a project’s lifetime. 

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Willdoo Food Distribution

As cloud-based ERP software, WilldooIT’s Food Distribution software is accessible anywhere and at any time, as needed to match the rigorous uptime requirements of this dynamic industry.

WilldooIT's Food & Bev Distribution Industry ERP software includes advanced inventory, procurement and distribution and capabilities. Our solution can track and manage inventory in multiple units of measure, convert inventory between different units of measure, manufacture items if necessary, track and covert between different products  and allocate stock for pending orders. Driver delivery runs are managed on notepads with proof of delivery (pictures or signature).  
An all-in-one package including CRM, accounting/finance, manufacturing, procurement & supply chain, inventory, warehousing & 3PL, website/e-commece, billing, project management and more – all seamlessly integrated into one easy to use package. 

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Willdoo Manufacturing

Manage – Schedule – Plan.  A complete solution for manufacturers integrated with a full featured ERP for sales, inventory, purchasing and finance.  Design multi-level BOMs with kitting and manage your manufacturing into work centres and routes, or simple manual assembly.  Easily plan and schedule orders by work centre based on OEE and capacity.  Incorporating PLM, integrated quality checks, machine maintenance and work centre documents.  Available anywhere, anytime, on any device from the office to home.  

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WilldooIT are the developers of TIMMS (Timber Industry Management and Marketing System), an integrated ERP application providing a business management solution for  the timber industry since 1982. Next generation, TIMMSanywhere consolidates our product as Australia's premier timber industry software solution. 

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Business Analysis

Before commencing a project, an experienced WilldooIT business analyst will meet with managers and users to define the project scope and goals. 

Design and Custom Solutions

WilldooIT has a team of talented and experienced software engineers and designers to implement standard ERP features and where required and deemed economical, design custom features  to achieve a close fit to any special requirements.

ERP Implementation

Implementing an ERP system is a team effort by members of both the supplier and customer, and includes data-migration from existing systems, custom code writing and testing, workflow modelling, training, user acceptance testing and intensive go-live support.

PSA, On-going Support and Help Desk

WilldooIT offers a comprehensive and flexible Professional Service Agreement ensuring easy access for all staff to on-going support for the smooth running of your system. 

Cloud Hosting

We offer fully maintained hosting facilities and ancillary services such as back-ups and software and operating application maintenance.

WilldooIT is a member of the PNORS Technology Group

PNORS Technology Group

The PNORS groups are committed to improving business productivity through the delivery of integrated technology solutions that target the vital operations that are key to the success of modern connected enterprises. The services offered by WilldooIT are a major element in our total business management solution.  

WilldooIT is a part of the PNORS group of companies with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Together with the benefits of offering complementary and integrated technology solutions to grow your business, WilldooIT is able to provide personalised, tailored services while ensuring the security and business continuity that being part of a large company provides.   

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