Odoo Customer Relationship Management System

About Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a powerful browser-based sales software designed to increase organisational efficiency. Odoo CRM is a small part of a larger highly integrated collective of ERP applications at your disposal.

The benefit of utilising Odoo CRM is not only the ease of use and ability to highly customise it, it’s that the sales, marketing, management and accounting departments, can all collaboratively use it as it's integrated with everything you need. 

Most CRM's rely on integration with third-party apps to perform business as usual. When this is the case, marketing and sales rely on several separate applications with many logins to ensure that they can do their jobs. Odoo, contains all of the applications that your sales, marketing, accounts department and management teams need in the one place. 



For the Sales Department... 

Meeting Management 

Mobile Friendly and Accessible 

Opportunities Management 

Phone Calls Management 



Sales Pipeline 

Sales Forecasting

Task Scheduling 

For the Marketing Department...

After Sales Services

Database Importing and Exporting

Lead  Acquisition 

Lead Management

Leads  Nurturing

Mass Mailing Integration

For the Accounts Department...

Invoicing and Accounting Integration

Price lists

For the Executives...

Advanced Reporting

Customisable to the Business Needs

Integration with all ERP Apps

Highly User-Friendly

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