Dynamic Workflow Solutions

Dynamic Workflows

Control your Business Processes

WilldooIT's dynamic flexible workflows can handle  simple and complex processes and put you back in control

  • Extremely flexible and applicable to any business process - from complex order delivery processes to event planning

  • Task sequencing by process phase makes it easy to understand and design your workflows

  • Tasks can perform arbitrarily complex processing depending on their context

  • Ability to schedule tasks in nominated phases

  • Workflow templates can be defined to model the business processes and then live versions generated upon nominated conditions being met

  • Users are placed in groups, and different groups are responsible for different tasks within a workflow template. Users only see the tasks they are responsible for

  • Integrates with products and manufacturing (stock can be built or consumed at defined tasks)

  • Sub-workflows automatically generated for multiple parallel processes

  • Fully integrated to all modules in Odoo

You have to see it to fully appreciate the power

Why Workflows?

Most ERP systems consist of a collection of transactions, reports and enquiries. There are many actions that people have to perform in processing a business transaction that lie outside the system. The computer transactions merely record the outcome of a number of actions. The organisations using the software have to provide the processes and procedures that tie the transactions together. Usually this is via informal manual processes that are often undocumented and people-dependent. When staff change or new business is introduced, things often go wrong.

WilldooIT's dynamic workflows formalise all the actions that are required to process transactions. In setting up and maintaining the workflows, management get to design the procedures that run the business and lock them in place. As each business transaction passes through the organisation, the workflows provide updated “to do” lists for each person or area of the business and much more. The use of workflows to manage business processes is limited only by imagination.

Dynamic Workflows Image 2

Visualise and control your workloads

 - View active tasks by phase

This is a barchart showing all active (not done) tasks broken down by the phase in your custom designed workflow (report produced by Pentaho).

View active tasks by responsible group

This is a barchart showing all active (not done) tasks broken down by the phase in your custom designed workflow (report produced by Pentaho).

Dynamic Workflows 3
Dynamic Workflows 4

Schedule and assign tasks using drag & drop

Task can be assigned to responsible persons on selected dates, or, for one person over a selected period. Tasks are simply "dragged" from the "undefined" column to the nominated Assignee (or date).