Seamless ERP and EDI integration for suppliers and customers

The easy way to implement EDI for your business

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

What is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Originally, communication between suppliers and customers was done by the customer printing a purchase order, sending it to the supplier who would then enter the order into their ERP system and ship the goods.

However, in the age of lean supply chain management which produces only what and how much is needed, when it is needed and where it is needed, the above process was just too slow, error prone and cumbersome. Enter the age of electronic trading where customer and supplier ERP systems communicate with each other electronically, and ideally with no human intervention.

Implementing EDI date has been both costly and technically challenging for the SMB market.   

Where is EDI being used

EDI is now used by all the major retailers such as Coles-Myer, Target, Bunnings. The cost of implementation is reducing because the technology has become more available and as a result is more affordable for smaller businesses to implement - such as in the plumbing and building industries.  It has been embraced by the health care industry where accuracy and timeliness are of the essence.

In many cases, SMB type suppliers are not able to deal with larger customers unless they can handle EDI orders.



Where is EDI being used
Benefits of EDI
Why WilldooIT's EDI solution is easy

As in the first diagram, there are several steps involved in getting customer and supplier ERP systems to communicate and this complexity has always been a stumbling block in the SMB market. However, WilldooIT, being part of the PNORS Group of Companies, has a close technical relationship with Pacific Commerce, an EDI network service provider, and also part of the PNORS group. Due to this relationship, and the design of a custom document flow solution in Odoo, we have been able to create a seamless EDI experience for both customers and suppliers.

Pacific Commerce has many years of experience in EDI implementations and WilldooIT has many years of experience in ERP systems. By combining our resources and expertise, delivering the benefits of EDI to your organisation has never been easier.