About Fowles


Fowles Auctions and Sales commenced operation over 50 years ago with auctions on the wharves of Melbourne. Over the years the business has grown substantially, and now includes timber and trusses, carpets and floor coverings, home renovation and building materials.

Fowles pride themselves on having an open door policy seeing customers from all walks of life including home decorators, home renovators, owner builders, property investors and home builders through to the large project builders. This methodology has seen their tremendous growth over the years and for Fowles to be a trusted name in the industry. 

  • With over 50 years of business operation, their products have expanded and their clientele base continues to grow.

  • New products are requested from their customers, and their software couldn’t handle the pressure.

  • Supplementary methods of selling were needed as Fowls clientele required stock that wasn’t sold at auction.

  • Fowles needed an integrated POS system that could be specifically tailored to their unique needs. TIMMS was the best solution as this solution was built for the timber industry. 

The TIMMS Solution

  • The TIMMS Point of Sale module offers the flexibility of retail trading and the auction side of sales and distribution. 

    • This also included an integrated cash register for retail and the software at auction.

  • Inventory and sales functionality integrated with the general ledger and other accounting modules.

The Benefits of TIMMS

  • The TIMMS POS Module has enabled the retail side of Fowles to securely manage;

    • Cash including Cash-on-delivery (COD) and Cash-before-delivery (CBD),

    • Accounting procedures including accounts payable, receivable and general ledger,

    • Trading capabilities and forecasting,

    • Customer and trading relationships.

  • Also, everyday business procedures have improved with TIMMS assistance;

    • Automatic cash draws to provide the flexibility of a cash register along with account and trade sales,

    • Multiple ways to process a cash sale,

    • Advanced product lookup and auto-load of product information for confirmation,

    • Personalised payment methods according to business setup,

    • Comprehensive pricing options,

    • Useful reporting and analysis tools.