WilldooIT IoT Box

WilldooIT's IoT Box: Connect devices direct to your Odoo database!

How does WilldooIT's IoT box work?

                                                                Our IoT box acts as a translator between your devices and your Odoo Apps and Database, allowing seamless and quick data transfer both from and to your smart devices.

                                                                Smart devices can be connected to our IoT box through Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, or Wifi and the inputs from them can be linked directly to specific business steps, fields and more!

                                                                Our IoT box can be used for a wide range of functions, such as:
                                                                • Automatic uploading of measurements (E.g. During manufacture or QA)

                                                                • Seamless printing of labels (E.g. For postage or with serial numbers)

                                                                • Automated image capture (E.g. Of products for QA purposes)

                                                                • Display of images/documents (E.g. Manufacturing instructions)

                                                                • Hands-free input (E.g. Foot switches for manufacturing staff to advance to the next step)

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                                                                Why choose WilldooIT's IoT box?

                                                                Easy Setup

                                                                WilldooIT's IoT box is pre-configured and shipped to you ready to install

                                                                Fully Integrated

                                                                WilldooIT's IoT box allows for full integration with your existing Odoo Apps

                                                                Universal Connections

                                                                WilldooIT's IoT box can be connected to devices through Bluetooth, HDMI, USB or Wifi

                                                                Flexible and Customisable

                                                                WilldooIT's IoT box can be used in just about any way you can think of

                                                                Contact us today to see how our IoT box can help your business!

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