Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Follow Jon's time at the annual Odoo conference with new entries every day. 

DAY 1:

New MRP System Training

OK here I am again for the Odoo open days and training and its good to renew friendships with the some Odoo guys. I spoke with Quienten who is in charge of the financials and asked him what has been happening for V10 - and the good news is "Not much, mostly bug fixes and small improvements". It's nice to see that this part of Odoo has finally settled down although I cannot understand why they have not introduced account budgeting (rather than analytical account budgeting). Never mind as Richard in our office has done a good job on that feature.....

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DAY 2:

More MRP

I have had some thoughts on the MRS module overnight. My realisation is that with its current feature set it is really only applicable for fairly large scale manufacturing with a consistent range of products. I do not think it would be workable for small run manufacturing or custom builds - in this environment the standard Odoo auto stock management features via procurement orders should still be used. Odoo are thinking of enhancing it somewhat during V10's lifetime but not dramatically.... 

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DAY 3:


Day one of the Odoo opening days started with the plenary session with Fabien.

The opening plenary session is always interesting as it reviews all the new features in the current version V10. The launch date for V10 will be tomorrow October 6th. Tomorrow’s plenary session will look at the future plans for V11.

Todays session started with some Mac verses Microsoft type videos which were quite humorous showing how fast, flexible and accessible Odoo is compared to Mr.ERP (representing the established vendors)...


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DAY 4:

OpenDays 2

Day 2 plenary session was about Odoo's plans for the future, which I have detailed below. However, what I found interesting is that whilst product features were mentioned, the main focus for the coming year is more partner and market focused. This is definitely a sign of a tech company's maturity and probably a welcome relief for customers and partners who have had to deal with consequential demands of the rapid pace of development of Odoo...


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