About Mathews Timber

Mathews Timber has been a family run business since 1959, growing over the years to be one of the biggest stockists of fine furniture and joinery timbers in Australia. They are one of the few timber merchants to have their own kilns and they take pride in their modern moulding machinery to square dress or mould any request.

Chain of Custody refers to the process of making sure timber products maintain their “certified‟ status from sustainable forests, through various manufacturing and distribution stages, to end customers.


  • Mathews recognised an opportunity to utilise the 'chain of custody' methodology to get ahead of the competition and offer completely certified products. 

  • They needed a process for labelling the stock with unique codes for differentiation. At the time, to manually do this was an extensive task.

  • Needed to streamline their procedures to make the process as quick and error free as possible.

  • They didn't have the technology and resources at the time to manually do this tasks. 

The TIMMS Solution

  • We set up procedures to show that we could trace product movements through the company, and prove we could for the auditors.

  • Mathews Timbers were able to simplify processes after the first audit and by the second audit they were able to show the same information but in a manner less cumbersome to the business and staff.


Mick Marsh (IT Manager) said that Mathews have had a definite increase in enquiries for ‘only certified timber’ and while the sale figures themselves haven’t started reflecting the increase they expect it to flow through relatively quickly.

Using TIMMS “we just showed them the audit trail... the packs that came in, how we adjusted the packs, how the packs were split, with all the documentation reflecting the changes.” “There was a lot of paperwork involved in the initial audit, as the auditors want you to show that certification is maintained through your documentation”.