About Move 

Move Victoria started in 1965 and became its own entity in 1968. The initial idea came from a Rheumatologist who realised that his patients were getting more benefit from the time they were spending in the waiting room chatting to each other, than they were with the 15 minutes they‘d spend with him. He saw the need for an organisation that was a leader in promoting excellence in musculoskeletal health and wellbeing.

Today, Move is the biggest State organisation. However, there are no boundaries to their support anywhere in Australia. People with arthritis, osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal conditions together with members, volunteers and the medical, disability and allied health professions and researchers actively support the work of Move.


  • The way data was being addressed

    • Ability to store data in one spot, thus making it easily available for various interested parties

  • Need for a system that allowed Move to improve their current processes

  • Eliminate the duplication of systems doing the same thing

  • Accessibility and visibility of data for multiple interested parties

  • Ability to develop communication options to include email and other methods

  • Stop people keeping private data stores, e.g. Excel data was fragmented

  • Data was fragmented – having trouble making data available for specific requirements e.g. research projects


  • The system is now visible to everyone in the organisation. The possibilities are opening up to different stakeholders based on what they have seen.

  • A single repository for data is now available from one source and is displayed in an easy to read straight list format, which did not previously occur. There is a much clearer way forward to a fully integrated system. This was not possible before the Odoo implementation.

  • Ability to explore sharing information. One of Move's key strategic positions is that to exist and be relevant, it needs to partner with other organisations. When partnering with someone an offer is necessary and the scope of what can be offered will broaden with the Odoo system offering.

  • Move needed to lay a new foundation for future growth and Odoo has assisted in this. This has caused a bit of pain as they had an old ‘building’ that was ok to live in but could not be extended or adapted. They needed to move to a new platform that allowed for future growth and possibilities. Moving is always a tough job but now they are settling in and experiencing the benefits and thinking of achievable enhancements.

  • Previously Move had a dedicated donor management system. With Odoo they have the possibility of a fully integrated system that will cover not only donor management and finances, but also has the capability to extend to HR, event management and web integration for their donors.

  • It has given them an achievable vision for future growth.