Odoo 14


New Odoo 14 features

Here's some of what comes with the newest update to Odoo - Odoo 14!

Enhanced Website Builder

Odoo 14 brings with it a brand new, completely rebuilt website builder. This new update makes building a beautiful website easy with drag and drop building blocks, photo library, photo filters and editing tools, smart themes and much more. 

Some of the new building blocks Odoo 14 bring include:

  • Dynamic Product Catalogues

  • Charts

  • Countdowns

  • Popups

Enhanced Usability, UI & UX

Improving usability and the user experience has remained one of the most important goals for Odoo. Odoo 14 reaches and surpases this goal without sacrificing any of the functionality or flexibility that makes Odoo what it is. 

Some of the new and improved usability upgrades  include:

  • Improved keyboard shortcuts  

  • Reworked daily task view

  • New widgets for quick access to common options & tasks

Improved Business Intelligence

Odoo 14 provides new and improved business intelligence and analytic functionality. These features provide quick and easy overviews of your entire business as well as new ways to view and analyse your data.

Some of the improved business intelligence functions include:

  • New spreadsheet widget with integrated data import/export functionality this allows you to manipulate reports in Excel/Google Sheets. 

  • Customisable spreadsheet templates with automatic data population

  • 14x faster pivot tables

New and Reworked Odoo 14 apps

Here are some of the key app changes coming with Odoo 14


Data Cleaning

Odoo 14 includes a new Data Cleaning app. This app allows for automated cleansing, merging and removal of duplicated data.

The tool sorts through your leads, opportunities, contacts and more, helping to keep your CRM free of outdated and useless data.

In addition, the Data Cleaning app allows for automated data cleaning via customised rules, ensuring the resulting data is kept in your preferred format!


Outlook Integration

Odoo 14 provides new 2-way Microsoft Outlook integration. This integration allows for quick and seamless movement of contact details and other data directly to and from your Outlook email client and emails themselves. 

 The new integration also allows for synchronisation of your Odoo calendar with your Outlook calendar. No more needing to look through both or manually transfer appointments across! 



Odoo 14 brings with it completely reworked Inventory app with many new features and quality-of-life upgrades. One key feature is the ability to allow suppliers to log in and update their product delivery schedule.

The reworked module has a new focus on availability dates, both for product and supplies, with the standout feature being a new realtime, comprehensive replenishment view, ensuring you know everything about your inventory.  It also includes new priority functionality, allowing users to easily "star" an order as a priority.

The Inventory module also has new and improved integration with other Odoo apps, such as Sales, Manufacturing and CRM, automatically linking Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Manufacturing Orders, Serial Numbers, Repair Orders and Barcodes. 



Included in Odoo 14 is a revamped Documents app with some great automated functions alongside some improved and changed inbuilt documents. 

The Documents app now has improved digitisation and AI OCR functionality, with the automated scanning having a staggering accuracy of 96%. The OCR functionality is further enhanced with new bulk upload functionality for documents, allowing for quick automated digitisation.

The improved Documents app also includes new functionality when editing and generating documents, such as fully indexed PDFs, advanced versioning information and tracking and inbuilt PDF splitting, organising and extracting functionality.

Updated apps and features



Amazon Integration



Data Cleaning






Email Marketing




Field Service




Outlook Integration




Point of Sale





Social Marketing









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