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Integration with Odoo


Why we choose to integrate with a 3rd party for Payroll

Odoo does have a payroll module. However, it should more rightly be called a "payroll framework" for building a localised payroll module.

WilldooIT has previous experience writing payroll software, so we know what is involved in writing, maintaining and supporting payroll systems. We therefore decided to integrate with an existing payroll package.

We did our research and determined a product called KeyPay is the most suitable as it is web based, has a well-developed web interface for 3rd parties, and is already being used by other ERP systems.

Key features of KeyPay: 

Compliant Awards

A growing library of modern Awards to automate your payroll compliance.

Flexible Payroll

Easy to configure options make it simple to setup KeyPay just to your liking.

Employee Portal

Let employees manage their details, leave, super and bank accounts onlin

Time & Attendance

Use the KeyPay web kiosk to allow employees to clock on and off, on site, using any web enabled device.

Pay Conditions

Create your own Award rule sets or EBA’s to add compliance to your business processes.


Import timesheets into your pay run with a single click.

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling with award-based shift costing will help to reduce your staffing costs.


With Odoo!


Simplify your payroll with automated super payments, termination and leave calculations.



Starter package

4 .00/month

per active employee
  • Features
  •  Standard payroll functionality

  •  Timesheets

  •  Email support

  •  Quarterly superannuation payments

  •  Submit ATO forms online

  •  Unlimited employees


Plus package

6 .00/month

per active employee
  • Features
  •  Standard payroll functionality

  •  Timesheets

  •  Email support

  •  Quarterly superannuation payments

  •  Submit ATO forms online

  •  Unlimited employees

  •  Automated pay conditions

  •  Pre-built Awards

  •  Time & attendance kiosk

  •  Employee scheduling

KeyPay JobKeeper Update

Following the Australian Federal Government's announcement of the JobKeeper program, KeyPay has worked hard to quickly build automated functions to ensure it is as easy as possible to access the JobKeeper Payment for your business.

In doing so, KeyPay has introduced 3 new features.

  1. Bulk publishing of Employee Nomination Forms 

  2. Processing of JobKeeper payment in existing pay runs

  3. JobKeeper Eligibility Report

Bulk Publishing of Employee Nomination Forms

In order to access the JobKeeper Payment, employees are required to fill out an Employee Nomination Notice.

Keypay simplifies this process by sending pre-populated electronic forms to all selected employees via email. The employee and employer details will be pre-populated with information as recorded in KeyPay.

Each employee is required to read over the nomination form, ensure that their information is correct, either agree or disagree to be nominated and then electronically sign the form. Their choice (agree or disagree) will be automatically recorded within KeyPay 

For employees who have manually filled out the nomination form and returned it, you will be able to manually record their agree/disagree status within KeyPay. Additionally, the information from these forms (Status, Notification, Signature) will be recorded in the pre-existing Employee Details Audit Report

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Processing of JobKeeper Payments

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KeyPay has added a new pay run action - "Add JobKeeper Payment"

This action has 3 separate options

  1. JobKeeper Top-up 

  2. JobKeeper Start

  3. JobKeeper Finish

JobKeeper Top-up is used to Top-up an employee's pay if they earn less than $1500/fortnight. This top-up payment will be recorded JobKeeper-specific payment category. Superannuation is not calculated on this top-up amount by default, but can be enabled if wanted.

JobKeeper Start records the first fortnight that the JobKeeper Payment is processed for each employee, as required by the ATO.

JobKeeper Finish records the final fortnight that the JobKeeper Payment will be processed for an employee. This is only required if an employee is no longer eligible for the JobKeeper payment before the program finishes.

JobKeeper Eligibility Report

The JobKeeper eligibility report is a simple report that helps you to determine if an employee is eligible for the JobKeeper payment.

It will provide 1 of 3 possible results for each employee - "Eligible", "Ineligble" or "Maybe Eligible".

The report does not determine if your business is eligible, nor does it guarantee that an employee tagged as "eligible" is eligible for the payment.

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