Case Study


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About ATS

ATS is Australia’s most experienced live fire target systems business, with a history that dates back to the 1950’s. Today ATS is the dominant provider of live fire target systems to the Australian Defence Force and in the past five years has expanded significantly to deliver its proven expertise to a wider international customer base as military, police and other government organisations seek to evolve their capabilities to meet the demands of an increasingly lethal and complex threat environment.

Every Australian soldier that has deployed on active combat operations over the past decade has used target systems installed by ATS. This sense of operational purpose, a commitment to those who put others before self and a relentless pursuit of excellence is what drives us!


  • ATS had standalone business systems in each location that did not easily integrate. Furthermore, they had many manual processes that were time-consuming and had physical hardware what was reaching its capacity and was unreliable. 

  • There was also a lack of ICT security with the systems and from a business continuity perspective, the organisation was at risk.

  • ATS’s operational environment was becoming more complex requiring the integrated management of core business process across three geographically dispersed locations (Albury, Queanbeyan and the UAE). 

  • Staff required faster response times, collaboration when needed in near real-time and process visibility from any device anywhere; as well as automated workflows for administrative tasks to increase productivity. 

  • To operate effectively and efficiently they needed to upgrade their information technology environment to achieve ATS business outcomes.

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  • An integrated ERP system to manage finance, HR, Payroll, logistics, engineering and project management.

    • As ATS is across three geographically dispersed locations Albury, Queanbeyan and the UAE a lot of development was required especially for the UAE. 

  •  Cloud-based with a browser-based user interface for ease of deployment worldwide.

  •  Available on the internet 24 hours a day and accessible by any device. 

  •  Easily customisable and scalable. 

  •  Fully integrated across business functions. 

  •  Meets minimum ICT security requirements and suitable for a SME.


  • The first phase was the, scoping and analysis stage, which involved WilldooIT attending on-site and obtaining a thorough understanding of ATS business practices, procedures and workflows. 

  • This was then followed by a series of workshops with key personnel from various departments. 

  • WilldooIT then designed the initial implementation plan and held further discussions with ATS staff to explain approach and allowed for feedback. 

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  • WilldooIT recommended a staged approach to ensure that there was no risk or disruption to business operations. The objective was to provide a firm foundation for subsequent business improvements and allow ATS to become familiar with Odoo.

  • ATS are now heading into Phase 2 of implementation. In this Phase is the implementation of the manufacturing module, BOM, bar coding capability, full projects module, quality management and much more.