Odoo CRM Case Study

Odoo CRM Case Study

Australian Mineral Fertilisers 

"When you have a market as large as Western Australia, your sales team work from home and on the road. As a General Manager, you need to instil a level of trust and transparency. Odoo CRM is a window for me to be able to do that."
- Paul O'Brien, General Manager - Australian Mineral Fertilisers 

 The Company

  • Australian Mineral Fertilisers provide the Western Australian agricultural market with a high-performance system that tackles soil health, plant nutrition and sustainable food production called Grow Safe®. Grow Safe® products include a range of mineral fertilisers with over sixty different trace elements, and biological products containing beneficial bacteria & fungi to improve soil health. Grow Safe® products are available for all applications including agriculture, commercial industry and the home garden.

  • Grow Safe® is made and owned in Western Australia

  • Established in the Australian market for over 20 years, they were looking for a new way to expand their growing footprint

  • Paul O'Brien – General Manager – brought into the company to increase growth and profitability 

CRM Case Study

 The challenge

  • Before utilising Odoo CRM, Australian Mineral Fertilisers were using CRMPro

  • Unique sales structure –1 part-time 4 full-time staff all scattered around the WA. All work from home and on the road so visibility into sales process and activity

  • No insightful data and history of current customers and prospects meant that their marketing was ineffective 

  • Previous CRM was not user friendly and didn't help their sales process

  • Previous CRM did not have a full narrative of client data and sales activity, meaning that collaboration was very manual, leading to double handling of data

  • Needed a flexible/full-featured CRM solution that could be used anywhere at any time 

  • Change management could have been an issue: Had to explain to the sales team that a full-featured CRM like Odoo is a platform to support their sales journey not simply used as a tool to “check productivity levels”

  • Making sure that the team as a whole were creating data that had integrity:

    • industry type

    • categories

    • profile of customers


 The Solution

  • Odoo was the recommended solution by Paul O'Brien as he had familiarity with the system in a previous role

  • WilldooIT was the obvious choice for implementation partner due to the superior knowledge of the system and how they could implement it to the standards of Australian Mineral Fertilisers

  • WilldooIT's goal was to help Australian Mineral Fertilisers to roll out a cost-effective, powerful sales tool that could be scaled up and down as needed. As a result, they tried to keep it as out of the box as possible with some slight modifications


 The Outcome

  • Odoo CRM is now being used by Sales, Management, Admin and Marketing as a core function of their business

  • A significant contributor to creating a new sales paradigm within the sales function 

  • 20% increase in revenue in last 12 months and 96 new customers

  • The sales team would not be able to achieve their sales targets without the solution driving efficiency 

  • Complete visibility across who sales process

  • Increased productivity and billable sales 

  • Reduced marketing spend by 40% as a direct result of providing intelligence of profiling

  • Ability to communicate internally to all staff, sales, management and admin via log notes:

    • full history of customers in log notes which lead to enhanced customer service 

    • ability to community important client info as an additional to emails has been very good

    • ability to attach photos and reporting has made a single source of truth 

  • The continuous use and importance of the CRM helps achieve better sales and performance which allows the GM to spend one on one time with each salesperson