Complete Odoo ERP implementation

Successful ERP implementation and training can reap vast rewards in organisational efficiency

5 steps to selecting a new ERP 

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The extensive experience and expertise WilldooIT brings to the table, will minimise risks and maximise successful outcomes.

A successful implementation can reap vast rewards in organisational strengths and efficiencies.  We have learnt from experience that the following factors are vital for success.

  • The interaction of technology and the organisation

  • User involvement and participation

  • Commitment - an essential ingredient for success

  • Planning - more able to be controlled by project managers than other success factors, and involving many critical components

  • Risks - exist with every project but must be anticipated and managed in order to achieve success.

  • Training - on the job user training will be delivered during the implementation process to suit the particular needs of your business and staff

Additionally, WilldooIT offers an innovative, fully inclusive marketing and delivery model :

If required, we will deliver a server fully set up to run Odoo and the associated programs you require for a trial period, including enough training to get you started.  When you are ready to proceed, we will enter into a permanent monthly arrangement that includes telephone, on-line support and server monitoring and automated off-site backups.  In other words, a cost effective turn-key solution.