Odoo New Zealand Case Study

Odoo New Zealand Case Study

Leading hardware supplier grows its business with Odoo

 The Company

Due to the highly competitive nature of our clients business, they have requested to remain anonymous but are comfortable giving a personal testimonial upon request.

 The Journey 

  • Previously utilised a fantastic ERP system but outgrew it and required a package that integrated their website(s), courier system, advertising and more. The solution also needed to be scalable so that they could ‘build’ on it and meet their needs now and in the future.

  • They began their search by looking for a similar substitute with the intention to replicate it so all the processes that they knew worked, could continue as per normal.  

  • Prior to making the decision our client searched for over a year and asked many businesses what system they used and if they would recommend it.  Many other systems were not open source, therefore crossed off the list in the early stages.  

  • After extensively researching and reading the reviews of Odoo, our client contacted WilldooIT, confirmed that they could use their own server and decided to proceed.

 The challenge

  • Having used the same system for 12+ years, the most significant challenge was finding ‘the same, but better’!  

  • The challenge was mapping requirements and workflows developed from their previous system and understanding what was required and why.  The solution to this was to think of all the day-to-day scenarios that occurred and complete a ‘game card’ which showed the situation and how our client wanted the new system to resolve it.  This took many hours to complete but paid off in the end. Our client felt it made it easier for the developers to understand why they were requesting a particular change to be made.  

"WilldooIT were very patient!  It is not easy explaining how & why a process is in place without being on the ground, but they did listen and we came to an agreement on each point as it arose" - Owner and MD

             The Outcome

            • Our client is very happy with the system and no doubt will tweak it here and there as they progress but they have got what they needed and more!

            • As they are beginning to utilise the system to its full extent, the team have found that it's harder to make mistakes.

            "The hardest part was really to understand how Odoo worked or could work for us when you have no knowledge of the system.

             I realised later we didn’t need to do a change to the program as the base-Odoo could be just as good if we made a small process change.  

            I found this a real challenge and unsure how it could be overcome but thankfully I started to learn to step back & listen rather than talk!  

            Essential to get the team ‘playing’ in the test environment prior to to-live and also have a trained in-house team member to help out on the day with all the queries that do pop up" -  Owner and MD

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