Odoo Licensing Model

About Odoo and OpenSource Licensing

Although Odoo is an open source product and are committed to keeping this position, there are certain licences involved. The licensing model has changed from Odoo V8 to Odoo V9 in that V8 Odoo used the AGPL licence and V9 uses the LGPL licence. Additionally, V9 now has two versions - a "Community" version and an "Enterprise" version. Although the enterprise version is firmly based on the community version, it has many useful features (such as bank integration and VOIP) which the community version does not.

At WilldooIT we believe Odoo has an excellent balance between the flexibility afforded by open source software whilst ensuring there is a reliable revenue stream for the ongoing software development required to progress the product. Odoo S.A.'s focus is firmly on product and documentation development and servicing customers with "out-of-the-box" requirements (SaaS), leaving partners (such as WilldooIT) to focus on the needs of customers who have special requirements or who would prefer to work with a local partner.

Odoo S.A. continues to release solid, exciting and feature-rich versions of Odoo to the marketplace, and we fully support Odoo S.A. and the community in this effort.

Odoo Enterprise Licence

Odoo is open source software with professional support and warranty as with commercial software, giving you peace of mind.  WilldooIT provides comprehensive, on-going system support for base Odoo and any custom written modules.  

Additionally, by purchasing a yearly Odoo Enterprise licence, your software is backed by a full publisher's warranty, including version updates. As in any mission critical project, it is essential to secure the appropriate services for support, bug fixing and migration services, in order to successfully implement Odoo.  The Enterprise License covers you from the beginning of your project through to future migrations.

The Odoo Enterprise licence is available for a fixed annual subscription fee based on the number of users.  The Warranty covers maintenance services and migration services and WilldooIT will be able to escalate any bugs to Odoo when necessary.  Odoo will fix these bugs at no extra charge.  

When your company decides to migrate from your current version to a future version of Odoo, we will be able to enable the migration of the certified Odoo modules. As an optional service, you can have all custom development of your Odoo installation certified by Odoo. The benefit of this certification is that the bug fixing and migration services will then apply to your complete installation, and not only the standard Odoo product.  



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