Successful ERP Implementation Case Study

About PAZ Stone

Challenges They Faced

The concept of Paz Stone was born as a result of 25 years of experience in the Commercial Construction Industry. In 2005 a decision was taken to launch a new brand Paz Stone to cater for the Domestic Construction Industry.

PazStone is now a leading supplier, manufacturer and installer of natural and reconstituted (engineered) stone. They offer builders, architects, interior designers, kitchen manufacturers and the private home builder a comprehensive selection of high-quality stone building products at competitive prices.

  • Complex orders were entered on single user spreadsheets and relate project material was kept in shared folders

  • Many staff required to simply enter the orders and control the workflow

  • Expensive errors were common

  • Double handling of data entry to keep separate project system updated

  • Manufacturing schedules was handled manually

  • Stock was not integrated which caused bad planning and shortfalls

  • On-site measurements and installations were handled using a 3rd party calendaring system

  • No mobile solution for measures or installers

  • Inability to produce up to date sales figures

  • Difficult to do any detailed sales analysis

Our Solutions

  • Custom order entry system to handle PAZ’s complex and multi-step order entry system.

  • Implement WilldooIT’s dynamic workflow framework to control every step of our complex workflow from order entry through on-site measurement, manufacturing and installation taking into account all possible variations which occur frequently.

  • Purchasing.

  • Warehouse & stock – to manage stock levels, receipts and deliveries.

  • Customer and sub-contractor invoicing.

  • Other custom modules by WilldooIT to handle.

  • Measurer’s and installer’s scheduling.

  • Automated generation of subcontractor invoicing procedures for approval and payment.

  • Mobile solution for on-site staff.


  • Control and visibility of every step of our complex workflows from initial customer enquiry through measuring, manufacturing and installation.

  • Our system is now helping us expand rather than hindering that expansion.

  • Growth without corresponding staff increases.

  • Exceptional growth since system implementation.

  • Reduction in order entry staff.

  • Up to date sales reports on demand.

  • Better control and planning of the manufacturing process.

  • Integration with real-time manufacturing process control.

  • Excellent platform for further growth.

  • Integration of jobs and sub-contractor scheduling.

  • Automated generation of sub-contractor invoices which is a great time-saver.