About Philcox Timber Trading

Philcox Timber Trading was founded by Jim and Rosemary Philcox when they opened their home based timber wholesale business in February of 1983.

Jim was told that the business would never be successful given the circumstances at the time. Now, Philcox Timber Trading is a prominent South Australian timber business. 

Jim’s strong work ethic and commitment to the integrity of the business is at the heart of their success. Philcox Timber remains true to their humble roots and remains a family run business.

Their situation 

  • Rapid growth saw them moving to a new location

  • Needed the latest technology to keep competitive 

  • Lack of technology knowledge 

  • Lack of resources

  • Required new stock management processes

Why Philcox chose TIMMS

  • TIMMS was selected as the software system of choice because of the specialist nature of the timber industry and because TIMMS has the ability to talk the timber language. According to Jim, “finding a system that spoke our language and married our inventory and accounts were the key issues”.

  • TIMMS superior performance in handling inventory and its flexibility to integrate with Philcox Timber’s existing business processes. 

  • Easy to use and implement. No extensive training needed.

  • Ability to instantaneously send invoices and documents to customers.

  • Replaced manual processing of orders and shipments.

Why Philcox chose TIMMS
  • TIMMS inventory management functionality is used for every task.

    • It has helped them located discrepancies that they didn't even find during stocktakes.

  • Philcox has built a strong relationship with the TIMMS staff, and the help desk has assisted with any issues they have had.