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For over 36 years we have been working with the timber industry

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The only business solution you need to grow your Timber business

We have been serving the Timber industry since 1982 and have worked alongside hundreds of companies from sawmills to retailers.

In this time we have developed TIMMSanywhere into the only solution you will need to cover every aspect of your business, with the following integrated areas. 

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Benefits of TIMMSanywhere

  • Easy entering and tracking of Timber pack tallies.

  • Purchase in one UOM and stock in a different UOM – the system tracks and converts them automatically.

  • Automatic conversion and record of different foreign exchange rates.

  • Integration with estimating software such as MiTek, UniNail, and many others.

  • Fully integrated online shop.

  • Set different price lists for different customers. Financial visibility across all franchisees or company-owned branches.

  • Integrate with 3PL providers.

  • B2B purchasing using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology.

  • Measure and track unit performance centrally.

  • Central KPI reporting.

  • Global stock visibility, central procurement, automated supply chain.

  • Integrated marketing and upselling based on global sales analysis.

  • Allocate tasks across all branches.

  • Integrated marketing and events.

  • Seamless eCommerce integration with multi-branch pickups.

  • Easy deployment - browser-based, including POS. Cloud or on-premises hosting.

  • Easy to scale from two to hundreds of branches.

  • Fully integrated POS with real-time stock updates. Individual eCommerce visibility if required.

  • Automated stock resupply.

  • Easy deployment - all features are browser based.

  • No limit to the size of Pack Numbers, Product Codes, or other key descriptive / reference fields.

  • Quantity Break pricing can be set up in order to charge more per UOM for broken Pack lots.

TIMMSanywhere covers all areas of the timber supply chain

Integrated apps, from logs to floor

Odoo text and image block

for Importers & Wholesalers

Visibility & Collaboration

CRM & Marketing

Import & Export

Finances & Reporting

eShop & Portal

Multi Warehouse & Company

+ for Manufacturing

+ for Retailers


Frame, Truss & Joinery

Reprocessing & Sawmilling

POS & Stock Control


Customer Portal

Why is TIMMSanywhere changing the Timber industry?

With a complete suite of business applications, TIMMSanywhere was created by WilldooIT and specifically  for the timber industry  giving you these benefits:

One solution for your whole business

Unique workflow? We can build the system around your business

Easy to use
 Everyone in your business can easily learn the system

We have a knowledgeable dedicated support team ready to help

38 years of development has lead to TIMMSanywhere

Some of our customers have been with us for over 30 years!

We have successfully implemented 100's of timber software solutions

Cloud/Browser based
No investment in expensive software/hardware

All your business needs in the one integrated solution

With over 10,000 apps in the community, here are the essential core apps to manage your business

cloud ERP website

Apps for your website

  • Website builder

  • Blogs

  • eCommerce

  • Forum

  • Slides

  • Live chat

  • Appointments

cloud ERP sales

Apps to manage your sales

  • CRM

  • Point of sale

  • Sales

  • Subscriptions


Cloud ERP finance

Apps to manage your finances

  • Accounting 

  • Invoicing 

  • Expenses 

Cloud ERP for Operations

  Apps to manage your operations

  • Inventory 

  • Timesheets 

  • Project 

  • Purchase 

  • Help desk 

Cloud ERP for Manufacturing

  Apps for manufacturing

  • MRP

  • PLM

  • Equipment

  • Quality control 

Cloud ERP for HR

  Apps for Human Resources

  • Recruitment 

  • Employees 

  • Fleet 

  • Leaves 

  • Appraisal


Cloud ERP for communicating

  Apps for communicating

  • Discuss

  • eSignature


Cloud ERP for Marketing

Marketing Apps

  • Marketing Automation 

  • Email Marketing 

  • Events 

  • Surveys 


Benefits of our system

Cloud/Browser based

No investment in expensive software/hardware


One solution for your whole business


Unique workflow?
We can build it into the system

Easy to use 

Everyone in the business can use with ease


Growing company? Easily add new employees without breaking the bank


We have a knowledgeable dedicated support team ready to help

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