"The experience with WilldooIT has been good for us because WilldooIT were very focused on the customer’s outcome - what we wanted to achieve is what they focused on"

Cheryl Springer (Director)


About Springers Solar

Springers Solar is powering the lifestyle of 1000’s of Australians in SE Queensland. Founders, Brian and Cheryl Stringer, have over 30 years of business experience. The last 15 have been devoted to Springers Solar - a family business with technical expertise in energy systems. After starting in a modest office and workshop they have now expanded with over 40 staff, 5 warehouses, 2 workshops and offices including 4 POS systems. Their stores at Lawnton and Capalaba in SE Queensland stock a large selection of Batteries, Chargers, Inverters, Lights, Appliances, Communications Systems, Fuses, Switches, Sockets, Cables and Connectors, with qualified Electricians and Auto Electricians for professional installation services.

Springers Solar are Members of the Clean Energy Council of Australia and signatories to the CEC Code of Conduct. Their staff are managed by CEC accredited designers, supervisors and installers, and are members of Master Electricians Australia. They pride themselves on their professionalism, quality and safety as well as good old fashioned customer service and value for money. 


The Problems


  • Multiple non-integrated systems handling POS, finances, ordering and scheduling over 2 geographically separated locations. Also including online presence on eBay and Amazon.

  • Order entry was manual, time-consuming and complex incorporating document management, photographs, invoicing and scheduling details using several applications. 

  • Project information was held in folders and needed close attention to ensure coordination during a project’s lifecycle.

  • Becoming more difficult to manage the business as it grew as growth meant more staff and management.

  • Operational and Financial visibility was limited making it difficult to monitor critical areas of the business.

  • Stock control and stock availability visibility across multiple warehouses was inaccurate and inefficient with multiple orders to the one supplier for the same product.

  • Both operational and financial management of the Solar Tradable Certificates (STCs) was complex and time consuming.

  • Compliance overheads.

  • A new generation of management bringing new ideas and implementing growth strategies were finding it difficult to move forward due to outdated systems.

 “WilldooIT was the logical choice in Australia because of their Odoo gold partner status and longevity of the company. All the staff are really friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and experienced with Odoo. WilldooIT’s knowledge of Odoo is fantastic.”

David Kleinschmidt (COO)


  • A system that could manage the diverse operations from order entry, stock and warehouse management, and project management whilst also catering for the needs of a POS system in the stores.

  • Ability to get timely sales figures for both solar panel installations and shop sales.

  • Minimise the overhead involved in buying, selling and managing STCs.

  • Provide a firm foundation for growth by being easily expandable as more offices were opened.

  • Incorporating an Australian payroll package.

  • Ability for salespeople and installers to access and record order and project information on their phones.

  • A system that could be customised to meet any special requirements.




  • Odoo POS integrated with a customised Sales Order entry system was able to seamlessly handle all sales transactions.

  • Custom quotations for solar installations.

  • Integrated order deposits.

  • Automatic creation of STCs as an order is entered.

  • Automation of both the operational, management, purchase and sales of STCs and LGCs.

  • Automatic workflow generation based on the type of sale/project.

  • Complete procurement management and oversight of all warehouses including inter-warehouse transfers.

  • Integration of all financial transactions from the POS, Sales Orders and back-office supplier and customer ledger operations.

  • Integrated Australian payroll.

  • One integrated system now manages their business giving timely and accurate operational and financial information.

  • Growth is now possible with minimal accompanying management overhead. 

  • Sales staff have immediate access to order information whilst onsite and can attach photos from their phones.

  • Implementation and installation staff have access to job information on iPads and laptops with integrated compliance forms.

  • Cost savings through significant reduction of data double handling and manual processes.

  • Greatly reduced overhead in management of STCs & LGCs and related financial compliance issues. 

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