Hear from valued clients from a range of industries including warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, retail, international franchising, on-line distribution, not-for-profit, professional training and educational products.


Testimonials about our successful Odoo ERP Implementations


Supply Partners

Solar Suppliers

"The Coronavirus lockdown was certainly a challenge for us like the rest of the country. However, because of Odoo's ability to run in any browser or mobile device, we have been able to seamlessly move our management staff home leaving a skeleton staff in the warehouse to do the actual deliveries.

There was no hassles having to set up VPN's or remote windows sessions to local workstations, we just had to establish some group communication rules and we were in operation. It has been nearly seamless and we are now reaping the benefits of a responsive browser-based product like Odoo."

Patrick Morrissey, (Director & Operations Manager)  

Woods Furniture

Manufacturer of specialist education furniture 

"After five years of looking at ERP/CRM solutions that either required us to do things their way, were too expensive, had high annual maintenance costs or supplied by companies we were unsure of for a long term relationship - it was a relief to discover Odoo and the team at WilldooIT. We are now confident of getting a perfectly tailored fit that will continue to grow with us and at a price we are comfortable with - and with no exorbitant annual maintenance fees.

Odoo is now implemented and WilldooIT and the Odoo solutions have met, and in some cases exceeded our expectations. Because of the custom design, we have a 100% fit to our requirements and consequently, the solution has been well accepted by the competing needs of the various departments. I do not think this would have been possible with an off the shelf package.

Our productivity gains are obvious and the information is now available and more easily accessed by all areas of the company without compromise to security.

Implementing a new ERP system is an inherently tortuous endeavour not to be undertaken lightly and it is important to select the right partner that understands your needs and ensures they are met with minimal pain and disruption to the business. Our experience with the team at WilldooIT has been excellent and is encouraging us to exploit other exciting areas of the Odoo package.

Looking forward to working with them on future system enhancements.”

Rod Massey, Managing Director 

MOVE muscle, bone & joint health - Formerly Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria 

Not-for-profit  peak body representing Victorians living with arthritis and more than 100 musculoskeletal conditions.

"After a formal request for proposal from several well-known vendors to replace Arthritis & Osteoporosis Victoria's donor management system for an integrated business automation system, we chose Odoo to be implemented by WilldooIT.  WilldooIT faced many hurdles in replacing a donor management system, that had been utilised for over 20 years, with a modern platform that provided a solid foundation for future growth. Firstly the functionality of the existing vertical market product had to be duplicated and enhanced, and secondly, the future requirements could not be compromised by any design decisions dictated by the present software.

Willdo oIT managed to meet an extraordinarily tight time frame and produce innovative solutions to the hurdles mentioned above. Whilst the implementation period has certainly had its challenges we are looking forward to implementing the many other features that are now available to us.  WilldooIT  has been a competent, friendly and enthusiastic partner in this journey and we look forward to working with them in the future"

Simon von Saldem, General Manager Development and Business Solutions 

Paz Group

Paz Group sits at the head, of a group of companies that demonstrate excellence in every aspect of the supply of marble, granite, limestone and ceramic tile products and services for commercial and domestic use.

"WilldooIT  replaced several disparate legacy systems that were beginning to fall apart, and were definitely holding our growth back, with one integrated custom solution. It has absolutely transformed our work processes and provided us with a solid platform for growth with minimal additional overhead. We would readily recommend  WilldooIT's professional services." 

Mariano Paz, Group Financial Controller 


Building and Pest Inspection Reports from insured inspectors. Instantly - "We inspect upfront and deliver to your inbox instantly."

"Jon and his team at WilldooIT  have had a major impact on the successful launch of our business website. We really appreciate their strength and support across key areas helping us grow our business.

Reliable Odoo Hosting - 100% up-time to date and fast load times from Australia put their hosting solution well above the cheap non-Australian bulk offers we have tried in the past.

Friendly & competent Odoo support - Jon's friendly team have proven their skills & patience over and over in setting up and configuring our server and helping to develop scripts and solutions for more intricate custom configurations .Overall we are very happy with  WilldooIT's  service and look forward to growing our business with them in the future." 

Frank Adler, Managing Director and Visionary


Sureguard is Australian owned and operated and is an active member of the Australian Made campaign. Est. 1994.

  • Sureguard is about solutions to animal containment and control.
  • Sureguard is about quality products offering hassle free value for money.
  • Sureguard is about simplicity. We trust you'll find our products easy to use.

"Customer service doesn't get much better than this. The team at WilldooIT  are customer focused and the experience is very good. They appear to have a well rounded IT team which is great when you can talk to someone who is an expert and able to help solve problems or recommend solutions. I highly recommend  them." 

Derek Williams, Managing Director 

Bad Backs 

Established in 2001, Bad Backs was started by a group of typical back pain sufferers, who found it impossible to find a single source of information and products related to back pain management.  

"Working with the  WilldooIT team has been quite an easy process. Combining our online and retail store operations into the OpenERP platform was a daunting task made easy by Jon and his teams' experience with the open source software. We're confident in relying on  WilldooIT  to provide ongoing support and assistance with customising the software to fit our business."

Stuart Heggie, Multimedia Director 

Kockums Bulk Systems 

Kockums Bulk Systems is a fully Australian owned engineering company based in Melbourne and specialising in the supply of equipment to the Bulk Materials Handling Industries. Our services start with concept designs, through engineering, manufacture, installation and commissioning, related to powders and granules.

"Kockums engaged WilldooITto analyse our current business processes and implement an ERP system to replace a number of fragmented legacy systems. WilldooIT  made it their business to understand our business and, instead of offering us a one size fits all ERP, they supported us in the switch to a bespoke ERP system which minimised the change required in our organisation whilst still providing us with the higher level of information visibility we required. Jon and his team have been very supportive through the process and are still providing support as we continue to develop more capability in the ERP system."

Francois Steyn, CEO

Medical Equipment Supplier

"After investigating a number of products to handle our often complex requirements for product purchasing, sales and tracking, we decided OpenERP would be a good choice of software for our ongoing needs. Having a certified support company like WilldooIT  to provide quality training and ongoing support was a vital and indispensable part of this exercise.

With the ongoing assistance of WilldooIT  we have successfully implemented OpenERP and can testify to WilldooIT's expertise in ERP systems in general, and OpenERP in particular. The project would not have been possible without them partnering with us and providing the support they do."  

Name withheld by request
Medical Equipment Supplier

Leading Business Matters

Leading Business Matters helps business owners to achieve change and deliver results through the development of key personnel and the implementation of new systems and processes.

"After a previous failed attempt to develop a custom system to manage our professional training schedule, we engaged WilldooIT  and the results have been nothing short of outstanding - the system they developed using OpenERP is even better than we had originally envisaged and has the potential to be implemented in other areas of the business. WilldooIT provided an excellent solution and I am happy to recommend them."

Jonathan Movitz


Wine Export Initiative Ltd (Wexi) is a public company with a unique model for selling wine products in the Asia/Pacific region.

"Early on in the development of our business, we realised that a flexible ERP system that could handle the complex operations from winery to retail outlet would be required and a partner with sufficient expertise to implement such a system.

WilldooIT  have extended the point of sale module to include custom features for wine sales and restaurants, such as wine sales by the glass, assigning table numbers, multiple printing options for the kitchen to facilitate in-house and takeaway orders, custom discount offerings and added security features such as mandatory sign on/off and tiered security levels relating to staff. 

Having worked with OpenERP and  WilldooIT  for over 12 months now, I can confirm that our objectives have been met due to the diligent efforts and expertise of the team at  WilldooIT ."

David Elliot

Energy Price Solutions

Energy Price Solutions’ core purpose is to assist clients to manage their energy risks and to save money on energy contracts.

" WilldooIT  have developed a custom solution based on OpenERP to handle the complex task of tracking and managing energy options of large companies. After analysis and specification, the system was developed and implemented. It has been a great success and has changed the way we manage our clients and energy contracts. Since original implementation, enhancements done by  WilldooIT  have continued to refine the system."

Graeme Weller


Hyro are an amalgamation of some of the most innovative and energetic on-line services companies in Australia and Asia.

"Hyro was in urgent need of a reporting system to ensure all executive and management staff had access to the latest project, sales and margin information. After initial project description and scoping, WilldooIT  designed and implemented a system to import data from our existing ERP package, perform data transformations, and populate a SQL database ready for reporting.

Finally a web based reporting system was created to meet the initial goals of the project. All of this was done within a tight deadline, which was met.  WilldooIT  have proved to be very responsive and flexible and I have no problem in recommending  WilldooIT  for future work within Hyro or to their potential customers."

Terry Cameron, Financial Controller


Established over 40 years ago, for many decades Haron International Pty Ltd has represented many of the world's leading brands in both the Plumbing and Hardware industry.

"WilldooIT  have been supporting our ERP system for 18 years.  During this time, WilldooIT  have managed a project to open a remote branch of our company in Queensland which has been fully integrated to our logistics and financial systems.  Many other projects and custom solutions have been implemented, all to our satisfaction. We would recommend  WilldooIT's services without hesitation."

Clifford Heard

The House of Golf 

The House of Golf is a major golf retailer in Australia with over 20 stores in the eastern states.

"WilldooIT have designed and implemented our franchise IT infrastructure from point of sale through to our back-end reporting and management systems, including a graphical store dashboard updated nightly. Our IT systems, at both our stores and head office, are vital to our success and we need a reliable partner - we definitely have one in WilldooIT.

John Kelly, Managing Director

Clifton Umbrellas

Clifton Umbrellas is a third generation importer and manufacturer of premium  umbrellas, and have a proud history and enviable reputation in the Australian  market place.

"WilldooI T , through Jonathan Wilson, have maintained our IT infrastructure and supported our ERP application NEXUS for many years. Our hardware platform is currently being upgraded by Willdoo and has been made extremely reliable through the use of thin clients. WilldooIT  have done extensive customisations to NEXUS resulting in better reporting and tighter control as well as a more streamlined operation. In short, I would be happy to recommend WilldooIT."

Peter G. Joseph, Managing Director

Kookaburra Sports

Kookaburra Sports is a famous name in the Australian sporting landscape with a  100 year proud history.

" WilldooIT have undertaken and delivered software customisations to our NEXUS package as well as their excellent WillowLink package. Kookaburra Sports is growing and our operations are becoming more streamlined in part due to the excellent work undertaken by  WilldooIT. I am happy to recommend  WilldooIT as a provider of quality custom software and support."

Ross Tindle, IT Manager

Jedko Games

Jedko Games are a leading game and toy distributor in Australia.

"We have been using NEXUS for over 20 years now, upgrading to new versions as they became available. NEXUS has been an integral part of our operation, providing us the ability to keep tight control over all aspects of our business, from individual stock items through to the full General Ledger.  WilldooIT have provided us with excellent service throughout this period implementing basic upgrades for Nexus, as well as some major modifications and enhancements.

In recent years, we have gained a major benefit from the  WilldooIT  "WillowLink" package which is now used to showcase our entire range for our retailers. The CD that we supply them is easily installed on their hard-drives, giving our customers instant access to our vast range of products. Purchases are easily made through the built-in ordering system. This same functionality is available using "WillowLink" to update our website with the latest information with just one click.

The recent implementation of WillowLink for our subsidiary company, Milsims, enables them to publish their products on line with updates being performed automatically from our NEXUS database.  WilldooIT  have been both professional and easy to work with over this time and we appreciate their support in assisting our business to grow."

Drew Fyfe, Managing Director

Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. 

 "We decided to use Pentaho Report Writer, which had been well integrated into OpenERP by  WilldooIT, for our customers after reviewing the very good documentation and videos provided by  WilldooIT. Initially we created simple reports, but in time as our confidence grew, we started developing complex reports and hence required some support and help.  WilldooIT  immediately responded to our questions with accurate examples and made us love Pentaho more as a result and really appreciate its potential.

I must tell you,  WilldooIT is living to the open source spirit and are the inspiration for any contributor of the OpenERP community. We truly appreciate their support and recommend their services to all kind of users whether they want to get trained on OpenERP, implement OpenERP and/or any other services.

SerpentCS wishes  WilldooIT good luck for their future endeavours and congratulate for their award winning work each year."

Jay Vora, Director, Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. 


ONE68 is a national company specialising in retail and office  fitouts.

"We have contracted  WilldooIT to implement an extensive upgrade to our project management system and integration with our back-end accounting systems. This involved firstly researching the various options, selection of the correct software, and finally hardware selections and implementation and training.  WilldooIT  have proved to be professional, competent and efficient - attributes sought after in any IT supplier."

Keith Waring, Managing Director