September 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the PNORS Group September 2022 Newsletter

The importance of personal and professional development is not under-estimated at PNORS.  Together with numerous internal workshops each year, and the increasing adoption of cross functional teams and movement in individual roles across our four businesses, there are always opportunities available for our staff members to grow in their roles, change direction and/or develop new skills.

After a few enforced years of virtual learning and communication, members of our management, sales and delivery teams from WilldooIT and Datatime will be travelling to Europe over the next month to engage in education and professional development opportunities.

The annual Odoo Experience in Belgium will see the return of Odoo partners from around the world refreshing relationships, engaging in  functional training and participating in sessions relating to Odoo’s development, best practice and business growth, culminating in the release of Odoo V16.  We have previewed just a few of the V16 highlights in this Newsletter and our WilldooIT team will keep our clients up to date with regular blogs during the Conference.

In the interests of enhancing our digitalisation as a service offering, the recent adoption of new software providing a modern, unified architecture for building, deploying, monitoring and managing processes, will deliver industry-leading intelligent automation and process management services for our Datatime clients.  Management and technical team members will be travelling firstly to Portugal and then on to Switzerland to meet with software developers and users and learn more about its features and deployment.  Please read on to hear about a new Digital Mailroom service that we already have in development.

I wish our staff well on their travels and of course, will enjoy hearing of exciting new developments and opportunities that can be explored and implemented to create efficiencies and add value to the business growth of our valued clients.

To round off this Newsletter, we have included details of an important new product offering from Netway Networks to provide centralised, remote access, cloud-based security video cameras to our clients.

We hope you enjoy reading our September Newsletter.

With kind regards

Paul Gallo
CEO, WilldooIT


In this issue

  1. Odoo Experience 2022 - what to expect in Odoo V16

  2. The Digital Mailroom - efficiencies gained through digitalisation and automation

  3. Smarter security, safer buildings and AI physical security

Odoo Experience.  Snapshot of what to expect in V16

In early October, team members from WilldooIT will be travelling to Belgium to attend the 2022 Odoo Experience.

They are looking forward to immersing themselves in everything “Odoo” for the week, catching up with Odoo Partners from around the world and bringing back insights to enhance our sales, marketing and delivery services to current and future clients.

With every new release, Odoo continues to add new applications and improve existing features. WilldooIT has seen this growth first-hand becoming the first Australian Odoo partner in 2008. The growth of Odoo has truly been impressive.  Sales and Innovation Executive, Jonathan Wilson, has gathered and organised from various sources some of the new and improved features we can expect in Odoo V16. 

Please read his blog here.

The Digital Mailroom

It’s a modern business imperative to realise business and workflow efficiencies through digitalisation and automation.

So, what is a digital mailroom? A digital mailroom will replace your current traditional paper/email-based process.  Probably the best way to understand it is to think of how the traditional paper-based mailroom works - mail arrives and is sorted by department and person and then distributed based on company rules and procedures, which is pretty much where it ends. 

The Datatime Digital Mail Solution collects all sorts of items and quickly and easily converts them to a digital format by applying both programmed and learnt AI rules using these  basic rules: 

Datatime’s expertise is about transforming both hard copy and digital documents into actionable data, typically converting supplier invoices or paper-based forms into their digital equivalent, ready for integration with third-party applications. The new digital mailroom performs these operations, but dramatically extends the capabilities to include intelligent decision-making and automated distribution based on AI learning and company workflows.

Collect: Mail comes in, conversion

The extensive library of connectors lets you easily collect items to be processed, regardless of content or source. We receive incoming content from a wide range of channels, both paper-based mail and/or digital email and begin electronically tracking the journey all the way to the point of receipt.

Understand: What is this mail, what do I need to do? 

After capturing and standardising inbound content, our artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots are applied to understand the content. Relevant data is extracted and validated. The secret to achieving the highest possible automation is in a smart and flexible combination of these technologies, which work together to maximise efficiency while ensuring the accuracy of information.

Act: Send it to the right person

Information required to either initiate an internal or external process is immediately executed. Workflows and processes are automatically followed based on your organisation's business rules. 

Straight-thru processing made simple

Cut admin costs and free up your employees from all those monotonous & repetitive tasks and routines that can result in errors and mistakes!

Datatime's Digital Mailroom Solution automates repetitive and low-value tasks, allowing employees to reach their potential and fully utilise their skills, focusing on what delivers the greatest value for your organisation.

Smarter Security, Safer Buildings and AI Physical Security

In response to the ever-present need to secure our people and assets by making commercial spaces safer and smarter through modernised building security, Netway has partnered with Verkada to provide a physical security solution that integrates seamlessly behind a single, cloud-based software platform.

This partnership will provide an implementation service that will allow our clients to have access to a safe, customisable, centralised security system.

Verkada’s video security system works by centralising all aspects of a commercial security system:

  • Cameras

  • Door access

  • Motion alerts

  • Vehicle analytics

  • Archiving of footage

  • Air sensors

into a single web-accessible system. This system can then be securely accessed from any location, with the ability to view both live and archived footage. Further multiple levels of administration can be established to manage multiple sites at once, with varying levels of access.  

Security cameras are bandwidth-friendly, as they do not rely on servers and utilise a hybrid cloud solution to retain footage. Further, the security system comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty and any future innovation is included in the licensing cost.

Key features

  • Guaranteed 30/60/90 day local storage on cameras (length depending on subscription type)

  • Able to integrate with existing door systems, as well as POE powered – a scalable solution with no manual updates required

  • Motion alerts, heat mapping, people and vehicle analytics and air sensors

  • Sensors can also be set up to auto-lock facilities, eg the warehouse can auto-lock after a certain time, or a certain number plate has left the site

People and vehicle analytics use both facial and number plate recognition to monitor who is coming into the building and can be set to trigger an internal alarm if a nominated person or vehicle is registered. Similarly, door access can be linked to multiple access points.  An easy to use searching tool also allows for a dramatic reduction in time spent sifting through footage; an example of this is admin can search t-shirt colour, employee or face. 

Join Netway Networks in October for an online webinar to learn more about this service. Details on dates and how to register will be released soon.

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