What's Coming in Odoo 14? Odoo V14 Updates and Features

Every year Odoo releases a version upgrade in October.

With the release of Odoo 14 getting closer and closer, we thought now would be a great time to have a quick look at the recently announced features, improvements, and changes that are coming with v14.

Here are some of the key new features and changes coming with Odoo 14 as outlined by Fabien in a recent presentation to partners.

Odoo V14 New and Improved Features

Usability upgrades

As Odoo matures and the functionality is enhanced, one of the goals is to ensure that it remains easy to use and navigate. Odoo 14 brings significant UI and UX changes to ensure that ease of use is not overrun by functionality as has occurred with some of their competitors.

Here is a quick list of some of the more significant changes coming in Odoo 14:

  • New widgets allowing quick access to commonly used options

  • Shortcuts for email, SMS, and snooze in CRM module


  • Reworked daily task view in the CRM module

  • New yearly calendar view for Time off Module

  • New keyboard shortcuts for Timesheet module

  • Enhanced spreadsheet functionality throughout Odoo - this will form the basis for full financial budgeting in V14 (at last - can’t wait to see this one)

  • Improved customisation options for forms

  • Integration of approval workflows in any operation using the studio or programmatically

  • Auto emailing of good receipt reminder to poor performing suppliers

Improved Documents

With Odoo 14 many documents have been redesigned and improved. With Purchase Orders being one of the most enhanced documents, we thought it would be a good one to focus on, so here are the changes:

  • Odoo now computes on-time delivery rates for vendors and displays this on POs

  • POs now includes an option for sending automated emails before delivery to confirm their date (this is particularly useful for vendors with a low on-time percentage)

  • An acknowledgment email can be automatically sent to vendors on the creation of purchase orders, allowing Odoo to confirm that they received the PO

  • Odoo also implemented a new dashboard for vendors, providing a quick overview of important details, such as on-time delivery rates

Reworked Inventory and Manufacturing Modules

Odoo 14 comes with reworked Inventory and Manufacturing modules focusing on availability date for products and supplies.

In addition, there is a new replenishment report which shows, at a glance, your stock levels and allows for one-time or recurring ordering of supplies.

This occurs without the need to set minimum or maximum stock levels. Odoo will automatically determine what needs to be ordered to meet your requirements.

  • New inventory forecast report:

  • Replenishment report with actions:

  • Ready access to stock availability:

New Data Cleaning Module

Included in Odoo 14 is a new Data Cleaning module. This module automatically sorts through new leads, opportunities, contacts, and other data. Any duplicated data is flagged to you, ready for merging.

Rebuilt Website Builder

Every version upgrade brings enhanced functionality to Odoo's website builder making it an increasing contender with industry heavyweights WordPress and Square Space. 

Odoo 14 brings to the table a brand new, redesigned website builder. The HTML editor was redesigned and there are some new and improved building blocks, allowing you to build beautiful and functional websites effortlessly.

Some of these new website blocks include:

  • Dynamic Product Catalogues

  • Charts

  • Countdowns

  • Popups

Outlook and Gmail Plugins

New plugins for Outlook and Gmail have been announced. These plugins will allow you to synchronise and send information back and forth between Odoo and your email client simplifying the process and ensuring that all data is recorded in Odoo and that you have it when sending and reading emails.

In addition to the above features, Odoo 14 will also bring the following:

  • Pricelist generation directly from product List 

  • New unrealised currency gains/losses report 

  • New modules, separate from sales, to manage commissions and referrals

  • Improved Documents Module, allowing easier scanning, splitting and archiving of documents

  • Improved integration between modules resulting in greater efficiency

  • Detailed Smart warnings

  • Underlying Framework Changes to improve overall performance and ease of use


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