Getting started with Pentaho and Odoo 

Pentaho Reports - Step 1

Step 1. Design 

  Data sources:

- JDBC(SQL) / ORM (Odoo objects) / Custom Python methods / Pentaho        Data integration

  • Full featured report designer

  • Report selection definition

  • Access to Odoo user context

  • Graphs

  • Banded reports

  • SQL scripting

  • and so much more…..

Pentaho Reports - Step 2

Step 2. Integrate 

Install WilldooIT's Pentaho integration module, then:

  • Create a report in Odoo and mark as “Pentaho”

  • Upload your Pentaho report definition

  • Report appears a menu item -or- as an action against an object and selectable via the “More..” button

Pentaho Reports - Step 3

Step 3. Run 

When the report is run:

- Selections defined in the report definition are automatically prompted for (no coding involved)

Report output can be:

  •   PDF

  •   Excel

  •   HTML

  •   CSV

  •   Text

Pentaho Reports - Step 4

Step 4. Save Selections 

  Save your report selections:

  • Security controls users' access to this feature

  • Create default selections for groups or users

  • Selections can use formulas, eg today()+ date_offset(days=1) (ie tomorrow)

Pentaho Reports - Step 5

Step 5. Schedule 

Schedule a set of reports to be emailed to nominated users - perfect for end of month

Create your own reports with one easy to follow model