Post-Implementation Review

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1.1 Was the project successful in your view? *

If yes, what were the main factors for its success? If not, what do you think were the main problems?

3.1 How would you rate the quality of the final product or system? *

If not, what was the reason?

3.2. Was sufficient testing of the product or system carried out prior to implementation? *

3.3. Was a Testing Plan developed? *

3.3. Additional comments:

2.1 Was the project implemented on schedule? *

If not, why not?

2.2 In hindsight, was the project development approach taken the most appropriate? *

If not, what could have been done differently?

2.3. Was the WilldooIT Project Plan of use to you? *

2.4. Additional comments:

4.1. Was the project staffed appropriately? *

If not, what positions could have been staffed better?

4.2. How would you rate the WilldooIT project team? *

4.3. Were role and responsibilities clearly defined and understood? *

4.4. Do you think the Project Manager performed his or her role effectively? *

If not, what could have been done better?

4.5. Additional comments:

5.1. Was the level of communication between you and the Project Manager effective? *

5.2. How would you rate the level of communication within the WilldooIT project team? *

5.3. Were you satisfied with the standard of regular project reporting? *

5.4. Additional comments:

6.1. Were the project requirements clearly understood? *

If not, what do you think the problem was?

6.2. Is the technical solution operating as expected? *

If not, what is the reason?

6.3. Additional comments:

7.1. Do you think the project was ready to go live when it did? *

If not, why not?

7.2. Did the implementation process go according to plan? *

If not, what problems were encountered?

7.3. Was a contingency plan in place? *

7.4. Additional comments:

8.1. Did the project remain within predicted budget? *

If not, what is the reason?

9.1. What significant issues were encountered during the project, and how were these handled? *

9.2. Is there anything else you would like to comment on regarding the project?