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Torino Food Services case study

WilldooIT were professional and very accommodating. They delivered what they said they could in a reasonable time frame during a difficult time and now after implementation, are still very much invested in our success with Odoo.

Anthony Carageorge • MD & Owner, Torino Food Services
About Torino:

Torino Food Service is a family owned and operated food service wholesaler, distributing over 2,000 food service products to restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, hotels, pubs and clubs across New South Wales. With an extensive range of high quality local and international products from well-known manufacturers all over the world, Torino Food Service are committed to providing their customers the complete package: competitive pricing, an extensive range on quality products and personalised customer service.

The challenge:

Torino was using a system that was starting to show its age and not keeping up with the requirements of the modern connected and integrated world. We know we had to expand our marketing into the digital age by leveraging our strengths and moving our business more online, including marketing and distribution.

Prior to Odoo, we had been using several products – one main ERP system plus several third party programs to cover our needs of eCommerce, field sales, customer ordering platform and reporting.

Although the system we had worked fine for the purpose of being a sole ERP system, we wanted to have more of a digital footprint. The three main considerations were time, cost and training. Sometimes it is better the devil you know, so it was a big step for us to jump into something new and something no one in the organisation had previous training on.

The solution:

The solution was basic Odoo with WilldooIT modifications. 

There were two main modifications – a customer order listing based on the previous sales of the customer and a delivery run schedule. These were 2 very important parts of the business process we needed. They are not standard with any other ERP system we looked at. 

We also implemented a digital POD system at the same time which we had been planning to do later in our journey.

Why choose Odoo as your business management/ERP solution?

We decided on Odoo after considering Netsuite and Pronto XI. 

For us, after using the online demo, we felt the system was easier and more friendly to navigate and using it seemed a little bit “fun”. It had all the features we wanted and was scalable. 

Being an open-source program meant we could cost-effectively add to the system using other modifications. 

The result & benefits

Challenges solved!

All stakeholders in the business run from one platform with one set of data. We all see the same thing and our sales reps have mobile access. Everything is totally live and there are no discrepancies like there were when we ran four programs from four different providers. We can use the Odoo App from anywhere we like.

We now see better communication between us and our customers as a result of the data being 100 percent live and pure. Customers see real-time stock figures and prices of which there is no debate. We can take a tablet through the warehouse and literally work from anywhere. Our online order portal for customers is easy for us and to control. We have transparency through that entire process.

It is cost-effective too. The monthly IT and program support and licence fees – although well above the original estimate – are currently 30 percent lower than what we were spending previously. And we have yet to downscale in-house servers and support.

Our objectives of being a 100 percent online B2B and B2C provider are still to be met. But you have to crawl before you walk. We will get there because we have confidence now in the platform.

Why WilldooIT?

First and foremost, we engaged WilldooIT because they are Australia-based and are a Gold rated Odoo partner. They were also able to demonstrate their level of expertise not only technically but professionally, having existing expertise in the food distribution industry.

Jonathan Wilson was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He understood what we needed, and our expectations on quick delivery. He also has experience with our previous ERP system which seemed to us to be valuable.

What was your experience of working with the team at WilldooIT?  

First the discovery phase, where we talked through how we currently work and what we were looking to improve on. WilldooIT then prepared a quote based on hours estimated to complete the work.

We found Jonathan and Alyssa to be very obliging and easy to work with. I don’t feel as if we have been “sold” a system. I feel both WilldooIT and Torino are working towards the same goal and that is making the Odoo system a great fit for our business. 

– Anthony Carageorge • MD & Owner, Torino Food Services