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Xero Lighting ERP Case Study

The XERO Lighting Group operate in all states of Australia, New Zealand, parts of South East Asia, UK, Europe, Canada and the US. The XERO Lighting Group employs 30 – 50 staff in Australia and over 100 people around the world. While the XERO Lighting Group is a company specialising in designing, manufacturing & distributing linear lighting, its core management team of 10 has collectively, over 300 years relevant, hands-on experience in the industry. They have also been directly responsible for over 1,000 high-end, linear lighting installations globally.


  • New company with very tight implementation timelines

  • Complex company configuration with multi-companies and multi-currency across 2 countries

  • Implementing complex ordering system interfacing to a 3rd party CAD package for lighting design, and subsequent configuration

  • The user interface had to be readily accessible and intelligible by end-users

  • Transfer of manufacturing specification to the manufacturing company had to be seamless

  • Scheduling and control of the manufacturing process

  • Control of stock and components

  • Inter-company financial implications had to be handled transparently

  • Management reporting required at company, company-group and group-wide levels.


  • Integrated ordering process available across all companies & countries

  • Custom interfacing to CAD software with resultant plans attaching to the sales order

  • Implementing complex ordering system involving CAD design

  • Automated creation of inter-company transactions to facilitate the eventual creation of manufacturing orders in the manufacturing company

  • Integrated stock and component reordering

  • Independent financial reporting at each company or custom report grouping

  • Integration to bank for statements and reconciliations

  • Most financial management can be handled centrally

  • Specialised training


  • Essential features implemented within 2 months including training, ready for an immovable company launch date

  • Ongoing development to complete system accomplished over a few months

  • Implementing complex ordering system involving CAD design

  • Corporate financial & sales reports easily available 

  • Solid platform for expansion into more countries